Spotlight Attorney: Thomas Bunnell, Esq.

Thomas Bunnell is July’s spotlighted attorney. Having graduated from Brigham Young University, and then Cal Western School of Law, Thom began working for Harris Personal Injury Lawyers in 2016. Thom worked alongside Senior Attorney, Derek Waldron, and assisted him with developing a firm-wide Billing and Liens department.  Upon passing the California State Bar, Thom became the managing attorney of that department and spends most of his time negotiating medical bills on each case to maximize each client’s ultimate recovery.

Thom earned his undergraduate degree in Ancient Near Eastern Studies (a course of study that focuses ancient history and ancient languages) from Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. Thom is passionate about all things creative, whether that be writing, drawing, ceramics, or clothing design and construction. Further, Thom loves both continuing his education by reading as much as he can and helping children in need by volunteering his time and talents to various non-profit organizations.  While at Harris Personal Injury Lawyer’s, Thom has found great passion for helping accident victims through the tough challenges and inconveniences that accidents inevitably bring. Thom is a great addition to the legal team at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers. We are happy to have you, Thom!

  • Was there someone who influenced you to be an attorney? “No one in particular.  I had heard that a legal education is one of the best educations a person can get, and that probably piqued my interest more than anything else.”
  • What schools did you go to? “Brigham Young University – Provo; California Western School of Law”
  • What do you like most about being a PI attorney? “Accidents happen around us every day.  Sometimes those accidents cause minor injuries that create inconveniences and setbacks for people; other times those accidents are much more severe and completely alter the course of peoples’ lives. Whether big or small, accidents and injuries make life difficult. I like that, as a PI attorney, I get to help people through those challenges and difficulties so that they can ultimately get their lives back on track.”
  • What are you the most passionate about?  “Family and faith.  After that, anything creative: writing, drawing, ceramics, music, and gardening. I love being a part of and supporting non-profit projects, especially those concerned with addressing the needs of abused and neglected children.”
  • What is your philosophy when representing a case? “Remember that there’s a person at the heart of every case, not just a settlement.”
  • Favorite restaurant in Oceanside? “Rim Talay and Local Tap House.”
  • Favorite place to vacation? “Depends on the purpose of the vacation.  New York City for fun filled activities; anyplace scenic for relaxation.”
  • Favorite band/concert? “Michael Jackson…gone too soon!”
  • A fun fact or something exciting about you or your life/family.  “We are expecting an addition to our family, a little boy, in November of this year, and we couldn’t be more excited!”

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