Teenagers driving fast in a car.

Teenagers driving fast in a car.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently issued a press release about their upcoming New Year initiative to get the word out about Teen Driver Safety. Officials with the NHTSA want parents to know that the New Year is a great time to help teens become better drivers. With holidays winding down and teens getting back on the roads, parents are encouraged to take time to sit down with new drivers to have an important conversation. Talking to teen drivers about the importance of winter driving safety and the six major “Rules of The Road” is a great first step in getting the conversation going.

Rules of The Road for Teen Driver Safety

1. No extra passengers.
2. Drive sober or not at all.
3. Buckle up.
4. No distractions.
5. No speeding.
6. No drowsy driving.

Teens Driving in Inclement Weather Conditions

While we may not experience the kind of extreme winter weather that other parts of the country get, teen drivers may still be in the position of driving during inclement weather conditions. It’s a good idea to talk to teens about how to handle rain, reduced visibility, fog and other weather conditions behind the wheel. Remind teen drivers that it’s essential to slow down for bad weather conditions. Sometimes, even going the speed limit can be going too fast if the weather and roadway conditions are bad. Remind them to use good judgment every time they get behind the wheel.

Don’t Just Set The Rules, Set The Example

Officials with the NHTSA are calling on parents to talk the talk and walk the walk. If you’re going to set the rules, you also have to set the example. Parents need to model good driving behaviors for teens. It’s also important to keep a dialogue open with teen drivers about roadway safety. This isn’t something you talk about once and never bring up again. Keep the topic of safe driving on your teen’s mind all year round.

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