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Three Children Injured in School Bus Wreck in Santa Maria

The Santa Maria Times reports that three children were injured when a pick-up truck struck a school bus last week. The collision happened in Santa Maria at the intersection of Broadway and Donovan. First responders with the Santa Barbara Police Department and Fire Department were swiftly on the scene. Two children were immediately sent to the hospital. A third child sustained minor injuries but was not taken to the hospital. The crash, which happened just before 8:00 a.m., occurred when a pick-up truck driver lost control of his vehicle and struck the front of the bus.

Sergeant Greg Klingenberg, with the California Highway Patrol, said that rain-slicked streets could have contributed to the wreck, but that the incident is still under investigation. Maggie White, the public information officer for the Santa Maria-Bonita School District, said that the children involved in this crash were scheduled to meet with the school psychologist and nurse to make sure they were all doing okay.

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