Client came to San Diego Personal Injury firm , the Law Offices of Ryan Harris, in July of 2008. The client, who is a truck driver, was standing next to a loading dock talking on his cell phone. The client had parked his tractor trailer in an adjacent loading dock, and was calling on his cell phone to receive further directions as to what he should do with his load. While the client was standing talking on his cell phone, another truck driver backed his tractor trailer into the adjacent loading dock where the client was standing, striking him in the neck and head.

The insurance company for the tractor trailer company blamed the client for the incident, claiming he should have been paying more attention and should not have been speaking on his cell phone.

The client was injured, and needed medical treatment for his neck injury. After the San Diego client retained the Law Offices of Ryan Harris, the firm was able to secure proper medical treatment for the client, who did not have health insurance or the means to pay for medical care for his injuries.

The client received proper medical treatment, and eventually recovered from his neck injury. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Ryan Harris were also able to prove the driver of the tractor trailer had negligently failed to properly check his rear view mirrors before backing up into the loading dock, and as a result, secured a $155,000 settlement for the client in San Diego County.

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