What is MedPay

Progressive Insurance defines MedPay as, “Medical Payments coverage, which pays medical expenses for you and any passengers in your vehicle who are injured in an accident or auto-related injury.”

MedPay is a common payment people drop when trying to lower their car insurance rates. When in fact, it should be seriously considered and possibly increased. Why? MedPay is medical bill coverage for you and the passengers in your vehicle in an accident regardless who is at fault. Additionally, your medical payment coverage could move with you (walking, riding with a friend or on public transportation, in-state or out), as well as with your insured vehicles, regardless of who’s driving. It carries no deductible or co-pay, Bank Rate.

As an example, you and your family are getting in the car. Your son accidentally shuts the door on your daughter’s hand. She needs an x-ray. The x-ray and doctor visit costs you $1,000. Your MedPay policy limit is $2,000. Your MedPay will reimburse you for the x-ray.


You get in an accident that another driver caused. You hit your head on the window, get a concussion and need stitches. Although, you know your health insurance will cover your bills (but usually many people have high co-pays or deductibles). MedPay will pay your medical bills and cover many different fees that the common health insurance policy won’t. MedPay will cover ambulance fees, chiropractic fees, surgeries, x-rays, dental fees, funeral expenses and more. Basically, MedPay is a direct reimbursement as primary coverage or can be used as a supplement to your health insurance to offset expenses.

What is great about MedPay, the policy limits do not refer to the total available coverage, but the amount available to each covered individual. Therefore, if you were driving your two kids and all three of you were injured in an accident, each injured person can collect the maximum amount of your MedPay coverage limit.

The most common policy coverage limits for MedPay are between $5,000-$25,000. There are policy limits as low as $1,000, costing you only a few extra bucks a month. When someone is hit by a negligent driver and has $15,000 in medical bills…The injured person will use MedPay to cover their bills. MedPay is extra protection for you and your family and is beneficial for you and your passengers if they are injured in an accident.


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