The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) recently lost a worker in a hit-and-run collision on Interstate 80 in Solano County. They issued a press release about the fatal incident, which took the life of 51-year-old Quanda McGadney. She was a Landscape Maintenance Worker for Caltrans, and she was killed while working near Lagoon Valley Road on I-80 in the beginning of June.  

The incident, which happened near Vacaville, happened just after 10:00 a.m. on June 3rd. Although very little information has been released about this crash, we do know that McGadney was struck by a hit-and-run driver on the westbound side of the Interstate. Sadly, she succumbed to her injuries on the scene. Officials with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) have arrested a suspect, but no details about the charges have been released.  

Recent Death is 190th in Caltrans History Since 1921 

McGadney was a public servant in California for almost two decades and had been working for Caltrans Since 2018. According to Caltrans, McGadney is the first Caltrans District 4 (Bay Area) employee to die on the job since 2017. She is the 37th in the history of District 4 and the 190th Caltrans Worker to die on the job since 1921.  

In April, Caltrans honored fallen workers during their annual memorial at the State Capitol. Worker safety is such an important topic for Caltrans. Children and families deserve to have their loved ones come home to them after working on California roadways.  

Keeping Work Zones and Roadways Safe in California  

Roadway safety is everybody’s responsibility. If you’re entering a work zone, take notice of your surroundings and follow all signs and posted speed limits. Lanes can shift, and workers may be feet or inches from the roadway. Remain vigilant and drive carefully and safely through work zones to help keep roadway workers safe. Above all, no matter where you’re driving, don’t text or engage in any other distractions behind the wheel.  

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