Ryan is the founder of Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. Ryan formed the law firm in 2005 on the principal that injured people and their families should … READ FULL BIO →

Derek Waldron

Managing Attorney – Southern California
Derek began working in the field of personal injury law in 2002 after graduating from UC Irvine. He has dedicated his entire professional career to … READ FULL BIO →
Philip Alexander decided early in high school that he wanted to become a lawyer because he enjoyed helping people and saw the wide range of fields available to … READ FULL BIO →
Daniel Jones earned his Juris Doctor from the University Of San Diego School of Law in May 2010. While attending law school, he served as the Chair of Pro Bon … READ FULL BIO →
Intent on helping those victimized by insurance companies, John Clayton goes to battle for countless people injured due to someone’s negligence, and recovers … READ FULL BIO →
Alise is a compassionate professional who keeps her clients well informed and supported during what can be the most physically and … READ FULL BIO →
Ranger takes great pride in representing and helping injured people and handling ALL cases with compassion, care, and understanding, while at the … READ FULL BIO →
Brad grew up watching his dad fight insurance companies in court. Brad learned through his dad what most people find out the hard way: insurance companies … READ FULL BIO →
Katie became an attorney because she enjoys providing a voice for people dealing with significant issues affecting their lives. Katie provides effective … READ FULL BIO →
Josh went to law school with hopes of becoming a corporate attorney, but quickly found that his passion lies in the courtroom. Josh joined Harris Personal Injury … READ FULL BIO →
Tanya started her career in Chicago after earning a prestigious judicial clerkship with Supervising Judge Alexander P. White at the Circuit Court of Cook County… READ FULL BIO →
Peter was born and raised in Carlsbad California. It was during high school he competed at the local courthouse in mock trials and discovered … READ FULL BIO →
Jonathan G. Koehle grew up in Sonoma County, and completed his undergrad in Utah…READ FULL BIO →
Evan is a passionate advocate who enjoys representing individuals against large … READ FULL BIO →
Jordan is a passionate advocate who enjoys representing individuals against large … READ FULL BIO →
Cody started his legal career with the Santa Barbara County Public Defenders Office as a criminal defense attorney… READ FULL BIO →
Brandon is a passionate advocate who enjoys representing individuals against large … READ FULL BIO →
Dayna is passionate about victim advocacy and believes in providing a voice for those who have experienced an injustice or injury… READ FULL BIO →
Anthony represents injured people and their families and finds passion in providing aggressive representation in the courtroom… READ FULL BIO →
Cami joined Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. in 2010 and has enjoyed the many aspects involved in the role of Office Manager … READ FULL BIO →

Bryce Bishop

Senior Case Manager/Intake Specialist
As Senior Case Manager, Bryce has had the opportunity of helping hundreds of clients through their personal injury cases … READ FULL BIO →
Jared came to personal injury law after an early career in business. He enjoys the competitiveness of negotiating with insurance companies and the personal … READ FULL BIO →

Jeff Yates

Intake & Marketing Director
As the Intake Director, Jeff enjoys meeting with prospective clients to learn more about their accident and injuries, and to help the client determine whether … READ FULL BIO →


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