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San Luis Obispo is home to Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. Our personal injury attorneys and our team of case managers and paralegals are dedicated to helping our neighbors and family members fight insurance companies. The Central Coast is where we live and raise our families, which is why we fight aggressively on behalf of our client’s personal injury cases. Our clients often come to us scared and confused about their rights as San Luis Obispo accident victims.

Proving negligence is what we do best. Our San Luis Obispo injury attorneys have represented many injured victims who have suffered minor to major and even fatal injuries from accidents they did not cause. We understand that getting into an accident can be life-changing and detrimental to our families.

It is your right as an innocent party to seek financial compensation for your injuries from the liable party. Our personal injury lawyers in San Luis Obispo are readily available to help any accident victim seek justice.

We Are San Luis Obispo Personal Injury Lawyers You Can Trust

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is an award-winning San Luis Obispo law firm that only represents injured victims against large insurance companies. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers was built on the foundation that everyone deserves the same quality legal representation that large insurance companies have. Our team of injury attorneys aware of the mental, emotional and physical damage an accident can cause.

With over 700 five-star reviews on Google, our injury law firm has a team of experienced lawyers who are knowledgeable and confident to represent your personal injury claim.  Many San Luis Obispo attorneys practice multiple areas of law; however, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers in San Luis Obispo only represents personal injury plaintiffs.

Common accident cases we represent are:

Don’t Deal with Large Insurance Companies on Your Own

If you are handling your claim on your own, you are likely going to see a decline in help from insurance companies. Insurance companies are known to be on your side until medical bills are due. Our San Luis Obispo personal injury lawyers are knowledgeable of the tactics insurance adjusters use on innocent people. Insurance companies and adjusters for that matter will likely do everything in their power to minimize the value of your claim and possibly deny it all together.

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers focus on communicating with insurance companies and medical providers. Once hired, our team of injury attorneys will take over all of the communication between our injured clients and the insurance companies. We will help preserve our clients’ evidence and maximize the value of their personal injury claim.

Compassionate and Caring Personal Injury Attorneys in San Luis Obispo

It is important to know that at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, our goal is to help you recover, mentally and physically from your accident. Seeking the necessary amount of treatment to ensure recovery is crucial to the evaluation of your personal injury claim. Our team of injury lawyers can help facilitate treatment with local and leading medical professionals or doctors if you are having trouble scheduling.

If you are worried about paying your medical bills, we can help facilitate treatment with medical professionals who work on a lien basis. This means payment can be made from any settlement. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, our San Luis Obispo personal injury lawyers like to keep communication between our clients open and we keep our clients informed about the status of their case on a regular basis.

Do I need legal representation ?

Our skilled team of San Luis Obispo injury attorneys will provide consistent legal advice throughout the entire legal process of filing a claim. Hiring one of our San Luis Obispo personal injury lawyers is essentially risk-free. We do not have any upfront costs or hidden fees. Our injury lawyers work solely on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not get paid unless we win your case.

Our San Luis Obispo Legal Team is Available 24/7 to Schedule Your Consultation

Our San Luis Obispo law office is available 24/7 to schedule a free case consultation. If you cannot make it into our office, we can come to you. Our San Luis Obispo law firm represents clients from the Central Coast, to Bakersfield, Fresno, and beyond.

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