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Property owners are responsible for what goes on at their location as well as the safety of those who come on their property. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be able to receive compensation for your injury. There are two critical issues that an injured party should do after an accident.

  • Document exactly what happened during the accident that caused the injury.
  • Keep a record of what harm or injuries are the direct results of that accident.

1. Keep a Record.
Record the events leading up to the accident, time and place, weather conditions, who was present and how the incident played out. Document the extent of your injuries, both physical and mental including the effect of your injuries on everyday aspects such as work, social or personal life. Include information about doctor and therapist visits, time missed from work, events you had to cancel and the effect it has had on your family and close relationships.

2. Preserve Evidence.
Preserving evidence from your accident will be very beneficial in your case. Take pictures of the scene, documents of your injuries, and property damages. If it is a defective consumer products injury, preserve the item in the same condition that the injury occurred. Keep all written instructions, warnings, labels, and packaging that came with the product.

3. An Incident Report.
Speaking with the property owner or manager and filing an incident report or a police report will be helpful for your case. This provides details of the incident, preliminary assessment of fault, and information about those who witnessed the incident.

4. Meeting with One of Our Slip and Fall Attorneys.
At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers we offer a free consultation to review your case. In your initial meeting with an attorney we will want to hear the detailed story of the incident. We will ask you for all documentation that you have from the incident, so you will want to come prepared. For your first meeting, have the following information and documentation with you:

  • Insurance coverage information
  • Medical forms
  • Police or incident reports
  • Other detailed information about the incident

All specifics will be discussed such as representation, legal fees, and other expected costs. Lastly, the lawyer will give you advice of how they plan on progressing the case.

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