CHP is Cracking Down on Speeding

After an increase in fatal crashes in Malibu, officials with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) have decided to start cracking down on speeders. According to a recent news article, the CHP’s Malibu Task Force is going to be working with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in an effort to improve safety in the area. In addition to speeding, the task force will also be focusing on violations like failure to obey traffic signals, reckless driving and driving under the influence.  

Motorists in the area can expect to see increased patrols and enforcement efforts. According to the news report, the task force has already given out 143 speed citations, three primary collision factor-moving violation citations, six equipment violations and made one DUI arrest. 

Speeding and Aggressive Driving Accidents  

Speeding is a very common factor in injury causing and fatal crashes. Many drivers don’t think it’s a big deal to speed or to go just a little bit over the speed limit, but it greatly increases your risk for being in a crash. Additionally, other aggressive driving behaviors can also increase your crash risk. 

Motorists are being reminded to observe and follow the speed limit. It’s also important to point out that sometimes, even the posted speed limit is too fast for the current conditions of the road. Drivers have to adjust their speed to the conditions of the roadway. If conditions are extremely wet or visibility is poor, it’s critical to lower your speed. 

Speeding Accidents in Southern California  

After an accident involving a speeding driver, it’s important to speak with a Personal Injury lawyer about your case.You may be entitled to compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages and other expenses associated with your injuries. A lawyer can stay abreast of any case updates and fight to get you the compensation you deserve after an injury accident.  

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