CHP to Focus on Eliminating Teen Distracted Driving

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recently issued a press release about their upcoming efforts to focus on eliminating teen distracted driving across the state. Sadly, distracted driving is still a common and completely preventable cause of injury-causing and fatal crashes for teen drivers in California and throughout the nation.

The CHP is partnering up with various traffic safety organizations to help promote safe driving behaviors for teens through their grant-funded Teen Distracted Drivers campaign. This grant will fund operations from October 1, 2021 until September 30, 2022. The campaign will consist of an educational program as well as an enhanced enforcement component.

Teen Crash Data in California

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, there are nearly 750,000 licensed teen drivers in the state. In 2019, there were nearly 44,000 crashes involving teen drivers, and 231 of those crashes were fatal. Additionally, although preliminary data for 2020 shows a drop in the total crashes involving teen drivers in California, the number of teen-driver involved in fatal crashes went up to 258.

In response to these crashes, the CHP, in conjunction with several partner agencies, will be running educational campaigns throughout the next 11 months to raise awareness about the unique dangers facing teen drivers on California roadways. Issues like peer passengers, distractions behind the wheel, speeding and seatbelt usage will be important topics. Additionally, teen drivers can expect to see enhanced enforcement operations in locations throughout the state over the next year.

Teen Driver Car Accidents in San Diego

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