How to Use Social Media While Your Motorcycle Accident Claim Is Pending

It’s not uncommon for injured parties to suffer from loneliness while on the road to recovery. Motorcycle accident victims are especially vulnerable to isolation because their injuries tend to be severe. Not only are they unable to work, but they’re also unable to go out with friends until their mobility is restored.

If you were struck by a reckless driver while riding your motorcycle, you’re probably grappling with an overwhelming sense of loneliness, too. Before you reach out to those you care about online, however, consider the potential ramifications.

Should you intend to take action against the at-fault party, the insurance adjuster who oversees your claim will most likely monitor your social media activity. Since there’s no way to be sure how they might spin what you post so they can challenge your credibility, it’s best to stay offline altogether until your case has been resolved.

If that’s not an option, at least make sure to protect yourself by taking the following steps:

1. Enable Stricter Privacy Settings

Once you publish something on the internet, there’s no foolproof way to contain it. If you change the privacy settings on your profiles, however, and only approved connections can access your content, it will at least be harder for the insurance adjuster to see what you post.

After engaging the strictest privacy settings, you’re going to have to approve all new friends and followers manually. Make sure not to accept anyone whom you don’t recognize, since they may be working for the opposing party.

2. Scrutinize Everything Before Hitting “Publish”

Even with the strictest privacy settings enabled, it’s wise to avoid posting anything about the accident, your injuries, or your financial situation. Should the insurance adjuster somehow gain access to your profile, any such content could open the door for a dispute.

3. Update Loved Ones Through More Secure Means

Writing about your recovery on social media is probably the easiest way to keep friends and loved ones informed of your condition. Since there’s always the chance the opposing party could access the posts, though, it’s best to keep that kind of content off your profiles.

When you want to update your family on your progress, call or text them instead. Video chatting on a secure platform is also a viable option, and it will help ease some of your loneliness until you’re able to join them on social outings again.

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