NHTSA Launches Spanish Language Website

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently issued a press release about the launch of their new Spanish language website. NHTSA en Español aimed at providing safety information to the more than 62 million Spanish speakers living in the U.S.

This website essentially offers all of the information that the English NHTSA website has to offer, but in Spanish. Officials with the NHTSA are hoping that the added accessibility of data and other safety information will help to improve roadway safety for Spanish speakers and all other motorists and roadway users throughout the country.

NHTSA en Español

NHTSA en Español was specifically designed to meet the needs of the general Spanish-speaking public. This means there’s plenty of information to help Spanish-speaking drivers make informed decisions about their safety and the safety of their families on the road.

All of the consumer-facing topics currently available to English speakers have been translated and adapted for Spanish speakers. This includes information like vehicle recalls, vehicle safety ratings, impaired driving prevention, seat belt safety, child passenger safety, technology, tires and other safety equipment news and information.

Additional Multilingual Components

The United States is the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, and recent U.S. Census Bureau reports state that the Hispanic population, which includes people of any race, increased 23 percent to 62.1 million between 2010 to 2020.

The NHTSA is making sure that having accessible safety information for Spanish speakers is a top priority. In addition to the new Spanish website, the NHTSA is also making sure their multilingual Vehicle Safety Hotline number is more prominent and incorporates the NHTSA’s existing live chat function, which is now available in Spanish.

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