NHTSA on First Responder Safety: Move Over

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants to remind motorists to Move Over to keep first responders safe on U.S. roadways. All 50 states now have “Move Over” laws. These are laws aimed at keeping first responders safe as they work on and beside busy roadways. If you watch any popular crime drama shows, you might think that police officers are getting into dangerous shootouts all the time, but one of the most dangerous aspects of the job for a police officer is actually working on and near roads.  

Distracted Driving Puts First Responders in Danger  

Now more than ever, distracted driving and other dangerous, negligent and aggressive driving behaviors are making roadways dangerous for other motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, other roadway users and even first responders like police officers, medics and firefighters. Responding to a car accident can be an extremely dangerous call for a police officer. They may be very close to a busy roadway, or even right on it, while directing traffic and assisting injured motorists.  

Move Over for Flashing Lights  

If you see flashing lights, Move Over. If you can’t move over, slow down to a lower speed, so you can safely pass the scene. Flashing lights means that there are people on foot nearby. Whether it’s a traffic stop or working an active scene, expect there to be first responders close. In California, you also have to move over for flashing amber lights. That means that any roadway worker with flashing amber lights also deserves to have their workspace safeguarded. Tow truck drivers and roadside workers deserve to get home to their families safely at the end of the day. 

Car Accidents in Southern California  

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