Safe Driving in Rainy Conditions

With the recent record levels of rain across areas of California, public safety officials and safety advocates are urging motorists to drive safely. Wet weather conditions can impact roadway safety, and it’s important for drivers to know what to do before they get behind the wheel and how to stay safe on wet roadways. ABC San Diego News Channel 10 recently interviewed an Allstate Driving School owner and instructor about how to stay safe on California roads in rainy weather. He had a variety of tips to help keep motorists safe behind the wheel in bad weather conditions.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Wet Roadway Conditions 

First and foremost, check your tires before you take to the road. An important part of staying safe when roads get wet is making sure your tires have enough tread. If you’re riding on bald tires, you could easily hydroplane and end up crashing. You need adequate tread depth on your vehicle’s tires to grip the roadway. You can use a penny to check the tread. If the top end of your tire tread is covering Lincoln’s head, you have enough tread.  

Visibility is often reduced in rainy and stormy weather. Making sure you have the best visibility possible before hitting the road is critical to staying safe in bad weather. Other safety items to check include windshield wipers and defogging systems.  

What To Do If You Hydroplane  

If your vehicle ends up hydroplaning, it’s important that you know what to do. Gently lift your foot off the gas pedal and hover above the brake. Once you can feel your vehicle getting a little traction or slowing down, you can slightly use your break. Don’t punch onto your brake pedal while hydroplaning. Although it seems contradictory, steer into the skid. This can help to realign your tires, and aid in getting some traction back.  

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