The Dos & Don’ts of Corresponding with an Auto Insurance Adjuster

If you intend to take action following a car crash, you probably won’t end up corresponding with the liable motorist. Instead, you can expect to go through their insurance carrier.

Because California is an “at-fault” state, accident victims are usually entitled to file a third-party claim with the reckless driver’s insurer. This is why The Golden State requires all motorists to purchase liability coverage.

Even if the driver who struck you has adequate insurance, however, you’re not necessarily guaranteed a payout. In order to secure compensation, you’re going to have to convince the insurance adjuster that you actually deserve it.

If you’re wondering how to go about doing so, here are a few tips for getting started:

1. Do Assume They’ll Monitor Your Social Media Activity

At the end of the day, carriers want to protect their bottom line. That generally means rejecting—or at least reducing the value of—as many claims as possible. Since they can face litigation for acting in bad faith, however, they must justify every denial.

As such, insurance adjusters are always looking for reasons to challenge a claimant’s credibility, and following them online is a good place to mine for discrepancies. Therefore, it’s advisable to stay off social media while your case is pending.

2. Don’t Give a Recorded Statement

The insurance adjuster will probably ask for a recorded statement fairly soon after you commence the proceedings. If you speak on the cause of the wreck before completing the investigation, however—or one the extent of your injuries before reaching maximum medical improvement—it could end up hurting your claim.

Should there be any inconsistencies between what you say “on the record” and what turns out to be true, the carrier may use them to poke holes in your entire case.

3. Do Refer Them to Your Legal Team

Once you enlist legal help, it’s wise to avoid corresponding with the insurance adjuster at all. Instead, give them your personal injury attorney’s contact information, and ask them to go through your counsel for all inquiries moving forward.

4. Don’t Accept Their First Offer

While there are some exceptions, it’s typically advisable to reject the carrier’s first cash offer. No matter how enticing it may be, there’s a good chance it doesn’t account for all the losses you’ve incurred. Why would the insurance adjuster be so inclined to settle, after all, if you didn’t have a strong claim that would likely hold up in court?

The easiest way to be sure you’re seeking the maximum payout possible is by consulting a seasoned attorney. A strategic lawyer can handle all the negotiations on your behalf. Along the way, they’ll keep you from accepting anything less than you deserve.

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