What Questions Will My Truck Accident Attorney Ask during the First Meeting?

Sitting down to discuss your case with an attorney can give you much-needed clarity in the wake of a devastating truck accident. However, as this is probably the first time you’ve required the services of a personal injury lawyer, you may be wondering what to expect during the initial consultation.  

While you will get a chance to ask questions about your case, your attorney will have his or her own, too. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the types of questions a lawyer may ask you during your first meeting: 

How Did the Truck Accident Happen? 

During your case evaluation, your attorney will try to get a clear idea of what transpired so that he or she can begin mapping out their investigation into the wreck. This question will also help them determine how many parties might be to blame for the collision. For instance, if it seems as if the truck had a mechanical failure, your lawyer may look into whether the parts manufacturer was negligent. It might help to write a personal account of what happened before meeting with your lawyer so that you don’t forget any important details. 

Have You Visited the Doctor? 

Undergoing a comprehensive medical assessment is an important part of any personal injury claim. This will not only ensure that you receive the treatment you need to start healing, but will also give you access to paperwork documenting your condition and the healthcare interventions you’ve already undergone. Your lawyer may rely on your medical records to prove many aspects of your case such as demonstrating your limitations or detailing the expenses you’ve incurred.  

Have Your Injuries Prevented You from Working? 

As personal injury victims can seek compensation for any wages they’ve lost due to their injuries, your attorney will want to know if your condition inhibited your ability to earn a living. If you have copies of paystubs, tax returns, and letters from your employer that might help prove such damages, you should bring these along to share with your attorney.  

Were You Able to Gather Any Evidence at the Scene 

From surveillance camera footage and pictures of the wreck to eyewitness statements and the official police accident report, there are many types of evidence that could help strengthen your claim. Your lawyer will likely want to see any proof you’ve managed to gather so far. 

Discuss Your Case with a California Truck Accident Attorney 

Life after a serious truck wreck can be challenging to say the least. As such, it may be in your best interests to hire a legal professional to help handle your claim so that you can focus on your health and other matters. 

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