How Can I Strengthen My Burn Injury Claim?

Because they can cause permanent scarring and disfigurement, burn injuries have the potential to change your life forever. Whether chemical, electrical, scalding, or fire-related, burns are one of the few injuries that can be just as devastating psychologically as they are physically.

Thankfully, those who were burned through no fault of their own are usually entitled to compensation. While seeking damages from the liable party won’t undo what happened, it could at least provide the means to lead a relatively normal and fulfilling life in the aftermath.

If you’re recovering from serious burns because another party failed to act with reasonable care, you can give your personal injury claim the best chance of success by doing the following:

1. Record the Progress of Your Recovery

In addition to saving all medical records—e.g., hospital intake forms, nursing logs, and prescriptions—photograph your wounds regularly to document the healing process. Between valid paperwork and detailed images, you’ll be able to illustrate the extent of your burns and, subsequently, make it harder for the liable party to challenge their severity.

2. Write Daily Journal Entries

While photographs will depict the extent of the physical damage, detailed journal entries will paint a clear picture of the psychological impact of your injuries. Every day, write about how your condition is affecting your quality of life, as well as any hurdles you face because of the burns you suffered.

When supplemented with evaluations conducted by mental health professionals and statements by loved ones who knew you prior to the accident, these journal entries will help you seek compensation for all your non-economic damages. Examples include emotional distress, mental anguish, and pain and suffering.

3. Limit Your Presence on Social Media

Once you commence the proceedings, it’s reasonable to assume the insurance adjuster will take to monitoring your activity on social media. While carriers have an obligation to compensate claimants who file legitimate actions, they also want to protect their own bottom line. That means they’re going to try to find cause to deny or at least devalue every case that comes their way.

To avoid giving the insurance adjuster any reason to challenge your credibility, lay low online as long as your claim is pending. After all, even seemingly innocuous posts could be spun and used against you.

If you cannot disable your profiles until your case has been resolved, at least enact the strictest privacy settings. This will make it harder for the opposing party to view your content.

Speak with a California Burn Injury Attorney

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