If you’re a resident of The Canyon City suffering from a recent car or motorcycle accident, or even a pedestrian accident injury, look no further for a reputable Azusa personal injury attorney. Our clients at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc., know our reputation. We’ve recovered more than $300 million in damages for them! We don’t leave you stranded. Since accidents and injuries occur around the clock, we are available by phone 24/7. What’s even better than that? If you cannot come to us, we will come to you! We also help facilitate proper medical help as needed. Often your insurance company will bend over backwards to help you settle quickly. However, this is not always in your best interest. Injuries that affect you for the rest of your life such as spinal injuries or traumatic brain injuries require legal advice to tally up your lifetime of losses.

Our Azusa Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You with a Variety of Claims:

  • Car accident claims: Whether you just drive into Los Angeles for events or make the commute for work, congested highways and aggressive drivers are a deadly combination. Our Azusa car crash attorneys fight for your best possible personal injury settlement.
  • Motorcycle accident claims: According to The Mercury News, motorcycle fatalities have risen over the past couple of decades in Southern California. Bikers love the rides in the San Gabriel mountains or to beautiful California beaches. Serious injuries such as lifelong spinal injuries or brain trauma turn your life upside down. Get the medical and financial help you need to recover and move on with your life our Azusa motorcycle accident lawyers.  
  • Train accident claims: Riding the Gold Line light rail Metro train saves you the hassle of driving into LA. If you’re injured due to riding the Metro, an Azusa train accident lawyer from Harris Personal Injury Lawyers will handle your claim with this large corporation for you.
  • Truck accident claims: Travel I-10 or any of the other major surrounding highways? Just the sheer volume of traffic and trucks in a hurry leads to accidents.  Many accidents involving a tractor trailer end in horrific injuries or even a wrongful death claim.  Fight for your recovery from truck accident injuries with the help of our caring, professional truck accident attorneys in Azusa.
  • Bus accident claims: Catching the bus at the LA station? Our Azusa bus accident lawyers have you covered in case of a bus crash whether you’re touring the Pacific Coast or traveling for business.
  • Lyft and Uber accident claims: An accident involving a Lyft or Uber driver creates a unique insurance claims challenge -- especially if neither party wants to claim responsibility. Simplify your challenges and call our Lyft and Uber accident lawyers for a free initial consultation.
  • Turo accident claims: Car rental options are growing. Unique insurance claims involving an accident with a Turo driver call for an accident attorney. Let our Harris Personal Injury Lawyers handle your Turo accident claim for the best possible results.
  • Scooter accident claims: Chances are you’ll encounter an electric scooter if you travel to the beach or the city. Whether you ride a scooter and are injured, or a careless  scooter rider injures you, we offer experienced legal help for the growing number of Bird scooter injuries.
  • Boating accident claims: Was your relaxing boating outing ruined by a careless or negligent boater? Injuries and even drowning deaths due to a boating accident are complicated claims requiring evidence. Our Azusa boating accident attorneys handle all those details relieving you of enormous stress.
  • Airplane accident claims: Traveling for business or pleasure in a small plane or a commercial flight?  You may have no idea where to turn in case of serious injury or wrongful death claims due to an airplane crash. Our Azusa airplane accident lawyers take the guesswork out of your airplane accident claim.
  • Premise liability: If you were injured at a business or on another person’s property, you may have a premises liability claim. Maybe a worker failed to put up warning signs for a freshly-mopped floor, or loose handrail gave way. Poor lighting, flooring in bad repair, or even grease spills on a restaurant floor -- these are a few examples of negligence causing slip and fall injuries.  Every property owner has the responsibility to maintain safe surroundings for their guests and visitors.
  • Dog bite claims: Looking out for the safety of others also applies to dog owners. Leash laws are enforced in California. Especially in the cities, though, dog bite accidents occur every year.  The pain and fear of a dog bite injury is real. Our Azusa dog bite attorneys carefully handle the challenges of local dog bite laws for you.

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers in Azusa Will Fight For You!

No matter your personal injury, you deserve compensation and healing so that you can embrace life fully. Our Harris Personal Injury Lawyers in Azusa are on a mission to provide the justice you deserve. For a free initial consultation, call 1-800-GO-HARRIS or contact us here.