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Injured in a car accident while fighting LA traffic and searching for an experienced Bell Gardens personal injury attorney? We understand that severe car accident injuries or even a slip and fall incident can change your life forever.   At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc., we also know California accident laws. Thanks to our experienced accident attorneys, our clients have received more than $300 million in payments for their injuries. Insurance companies know how much your accident will cost them.  They constantly work to improve their own bottom line. How does this affect your future after a serious injury? Will you have enough to settle the bills and get help for ongoing medical needs?

We Offer Free Consultations to All Injury Victims at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers

Just call and ask a Bell Gardens personal injury lawyer for your free, initial consultation. Don’t worry! Our attorneys don’t get paid unless we win your case. We always fight for your maximum benefit. Someone will be available to take your call 24/7. We even facilitate medical providers for you as needed.

Our Baldwin Park Accident Attorneys Have Experience Helping our Clients with a wide Array of Personal Injury Cases:

  • Car accident claims: Injured while driving in casino traffic? A car accident is a pain whether your injuries are moderate to severe. Our Bell Gardens car accident attorneys will fight to recover your lost time at work, the piles of bills, as well as ongoing expenses related to rebuilding your life.
  • Motorcycle accident claims: Cut off in traffic or nearly run off the highway as you commute? Motorcycle accident injuries are often life-changing including spine injuries or even brain damage.  Our Bell Gardens motorcycle accident lawyers successfully help with long-term injury settlements and are available 24/7 by phone.
  • Truck accident claims: Involved in an accident with semi-truck? Battling insurance companies and severe injuries at the same time is a stress you do not need.  A truck accident attorney from Harris Personal Injury Lawyers will even come to YOU if you can’t come make it to us.
  • Bus accident claims: Whether you were injured riding a city transit bus or a tour bus, a bus accident is traumatic and a complex claim involving multiple parties. Our Bell Gardens bus accident attorneys take care of your complicated injury claims.
  • Bicycle accident claims: Hit or injured by a careless driver while riding city streets? You need evidence and records to prove your case. Our Bell Gardens bike accident lawyers handle the details. If we don’t win your bicycle injury case, we don’t get paid. It’s that simple.
  • Pedestrian accident claims: In spite of Bell Gardens’ decent walk score, pedestrian injuries are all too common in Los Angeles county. Injured by a hit and run driver? Your pedestrian injury claims process could be quite challenging. Experienced pedestrian accident attorneys take on your challenges when you call Harris Personal Injury Lawyers.
  • Lyft and Uber accident claims:  If you’re injured using these popular commuter options, our Bell Gardens Lyft and Uber accident attorneys take the stress out of a multi-party insurance scenario.
  • Train accident claims: An accident with multiple people injured creates chaos for the victims and their families. Our legal department will cut through the confusion for you and protect your interests in court.
  • Airplane accident claims: Flying for business or pleasure? Right next to your flight insurance information keep our Bell Gardens airplane accident attorneys’ number.
  • Boating accident claims: With so many boating opportunities nearby, boating accident injuries are bound to occur. You shouldn’t have to pay for another boater’s negligence! Get help from our Bell Gardens boating accident attorneys.
  • Bird scooter accident claims: Headed to Long Beach or Hermosa Beach? Popular Bird scooters are causing injuries that affect both riders or unlucky pedestrians. Growing numbers of Bird scooter or even Lyme bike accidents mean you need our up-to-date legal services.
  • Turo accident claims: Injured in a Turo-related accident? Our knowledgeable Turo injury attorneys have you covered for a rental car injury claim.
  • Dog bite accident claims : Los Angeles County is known for dog bite incidents. All dog bite injuries are traumatic as you deal with fear and pain.  Call our Bell Gardens dog bite attorneys for timely legal help. We know dog owners are responsible to protect those around them.
  • Were you injured in a slip and fall accidentYou may have a premises liability claim. We offer a free consultation to help sort this out and answer any questions you may have. Every property owner of either business or private property has a responsibility to maintain safe buildings and premises. What if you’re suffering slip and fall injuries due to an unattended spill, uneven sidewalks, or a variety of other reasons? Your Bell Gardens slip and fall attorney will gather winning evidence, speak to your insurance company, and even help facilitate medical providers that you need.

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