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Our Concord Personal Injury Attorneys Represent All Accident Claims:

  • Car Accidents: Our Concord personal injury lawyers handle all types of car accident claims including those involving drunk drivers, distracted drivers, mopeds, trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians.
  • Bus Accidents: It is not uncommon for bus accidents to injure dozens of people. Victims and their loved ones may be able to hold the bus driver, his or her employer, the tour company, or another party liable for their damages.
  • Motorcycle Collisions: Speeding, poor road conditions, and alcohol are just a few factors that contribute to devastating motorcycle accidents. If another party’s negligence played a role in your collision, you may be entitled to compensation.
  • Boat Crashes: Many boaters choose to break the law by consuming alcohol, speeding, or engaging in other illegal and unsafe misconduct. If you sustained an injury in a boating accident due to another person’s negligence, contact Harris Personal Injury Lawyers to determine how to proceed with your claim.
  •  Airplane Accidents: If you were injured or lost a family member in an aviation accident, whether it involved a small plane, commercial airliner, or helicopter, our attorneys can help you determine liability and file a claim for compensation.
  • Train Accidents: The forceful impact of a train accident can be catastrophic. Our attorneys will perform a thorough investigation to identify all liable parties and gather the evidenced needed to prove your claim.
  • Dog Bite and Animal Attacks: An unprovoked dog attack can result in devastating injuries that never fully heal. If you were bitten by a dog, turn to a Concord personal injury attorney from Harris Personal Injury Lawyers for legal guidance.
  • 18-Wheeler Accidents: From aggressive driving to distractions to fatigue, there are numerous factors that contribute to commercial truck accidents. The vast majority of these collisions involve some form of driver error, and victims are often entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and other damages.
  • Bike Accidents: Even the most diligent bicyclists can sustain injuries in accidents with negligent drivers. Our attorneys will investigate your case, gather all available evidence, and prepare for settlement negotiations as if we are heading to trial.
  • Uber & Lyft Accidents: Rideshare services might be more affordable and convenient than traditional taxis, but they are just as susceptible to accidents as any other vehicle. Our lawyers understand the nuances of rideshare accident claims and can help you fight for the best possible outcome.
  • Premises Liability: If you were hurt due to a dangerous condition on a commercial property, such as a slippery floor, faulty handrail, or poor lighting, you may have grounds for a premises liability claim.
  • Slip and Falls: If you sustained injuries in a slip and fall because the owner or staff of a commercial property was negligent, contact Harris Personal Injury Lawyers to discuss your options for pursuing compensation. 
  • Bird Scooter Accidents: Were you hurt in a scooter accident? Our lawyers can assess your case for free and help you make informed decisions regarding your claim.
  • Turo Accidents: Personal injury claims involving Turo vehicles have an added layer of complexity since there are several insurance policies to consider. Our lawyers can help you determine insurance liability and fight for the highest possible settlement.
  •  Brain Injuries: Recovering compensation after a brain injury typically requires extensive evidence and testimony from a medical expert. Our attorneys understand how to find success in these cases and help brain injury victims recover the maximum compensation.
  •  Spinal Cord Injuries: Few injuries can disrupt a person's life as profoundly as a spinal cord injury. Our Concord accident attorneys can handle the logistics of your claim so you can focus on your health and rehabilitation.
  • Serious Burn Injuries: Burn injury rehabilitation can be expensive, and it may take months or even years for a victim to reach maximum medical improvement. If another person’s negligence was the underlying cause of your burn, you should not have to pay for surgeries and lost income out of your own pocket.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: If you were hit by a vehicle while jogging or walking alongside traffic, contact Harris Personal Injury Lawyers to discuss your case.
  • Other Personal Injuries: If you were hurt in an unexpected accident, you may have grounds for a claim if the negligence or malicious act of another person, company, or other entity was a contributing factor. In cases involving strict liability, you can bring a claim even if negligence was not the cause of your injuries.
  • Wrongful Death: If your family's financial security is in jeopardy due to a wrongful death, our Concord injury attorneys will help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

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