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Dealing with the aftermath of a serious injury is never easy, especially if you were hospitalized and had to take time off work to recover. If you or someone in your family suffered an injury due to another person's negligence, the Grover Beach personal injury attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers are ready to help you pursue justice and compensation. Our accident lawyers have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients throughout California. We treat each case we handle with the care it deserves. As a client of Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, you can be confident that a skilled attorney will be by your side through every step of the proceedings. Because our accident lawyers work on contingency fee contracts, you won't owe us any attorney fees unless your claim results in compensation. Call 1-800-GO-HARRIS for a free initial consultation with a Grover Beach personal injury lawyer.

Our Grover Beach Personal Injury Attorneys Handle All Accident Cases:

  • Car Accidents
  • 18-Wheeler Accidents
  • Bicycle Crashes
  • Motorcycle Collisions
  • Rideshare Vehicle Accidents
  • Turo Vehicle Crashes
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Boat Accidents
  • Bus Accidents
  • Train Accidents
  • Aircraft Accidents
  • Bird Scooter Accidents
  • Dog Bites and Animal Attacks
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)
  • Burn Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries (SCIs)
  • Premises Liability
  • Slips and Falls
  • Other Personal Injuries
  • Wrongful Death

What If I Was Partially at Fault for My Accident?

It is not uncommon for several parties to share fault for a single accident. Sometimes there are multiple defendants who share fault; other times, the plaintiff and the defendant share fault. If your own negligence contributed to your injuries, you may still be able to recover compensation for your damages thanks to California’s comparative fault law. In some states, plaintiffs can only recover compensation if they were less than 50 percent responsible for their injuries. This is not the case in California. Even if you were 80 percent at fault for your accident, you may still be able to recover compensation for the remaining 20 percent of your damages. For example, let’s say you were rear-ended by a truck, but your brake lights were out. You bring a claim against the truck driver for your medical bills and lost income, but the driver says that you were partially at fault for the crash, and your case goes to trial.

What Questions Will My Grover Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Ask?

During your first meeting at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, a member of our legal team will listen to your story, look at any evidence you have compiled, and ask questions to determine if your case has merit. Here are a few questions we might ask during your initial consultation:

  • Did anyone witness the accident? Eyewitness testimony often plays a critical role in personal injury cases. If anyone saw the events that led up to your accident, your injury attorney will want to know their names and contact information.
  • What evidence did you compile at the scene? If you were injured in a car accident, your lawyer will want to see photos of property damage, skid marks, traffic signs, and your injuries. If you were hurt in a slip and fall, your attorney will want to see pictures of the hazard that caused your injuries. There are many other types of evidence your lawyer may request depending on the facts of your case. This evidence will help the attorney determine if your case has merit and how to approach the subsequent investigation.
  • Have you already received medical attention? If you have not received medical attention yet, your attorney will advise you to do so right away. You will need documentation of your injuries to prove that they exist and to demonstrate that you are taking your recovery seriously.
  • Have you spoken with the insurance company? Your Grover Beach personal injury lawyer will want to know about any correspondence you have had with the insurance company and defendant. Bring any emails and text messages with you to the initial consultation.
  • Have you had to miss work due to the injury? You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages and reduced earning capacity if your injury has affected your ability to generate income.
  • Do you use social media? Insurance companies often review social media websites for evidence that can be used to dispute claims. If you are active on social media, your attorney will give you some tips to protect your case.

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After a serious injury or death in the family, taking on the insurance company alone can be challenging and frustrating. Insurers will do whatever they can to avoid or minimize payments. The Grover Beach injury lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers understand the tactics that insurance companies use to undervalue and deny claims. We will use our extensive knowledge, years of experience, and proven legal strategies to help you fight for the compensation you deserve. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Schedule a free consultation by calling 1-800-GO-HARRIS or sending us an email through our online contact form.