Nothing can prepare you for the trauma of a serious injury or the tragedy of losing a family member. It can seem impossible to stay positive in the face of so much adversity, especially if another person’s negligence or intentional wrong-doing was to blame. If you want to hold the at-fault party financially accountable for their misconduct, turn to the Hayward personal injury lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers.

We understand the physical, emotional, and financial challenges of coping with a severe injury or wrongful death. Our attorneys will help you fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. With many decades of combined experience, our lawyers have won more than $300 million in settlements and verdicts. To schedule a free initial consultation, call us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS.

Types of Accident Cases Our Injury Attorneys Handle in Hayward, California

  • Bus Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Bike Accidents
  • Airplane Accidents
  • Boating Accidents
  • Scooter Accidents
  • Train Wrecks
  • Lyft & Uber Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Turo Accidents
  • Motorcycle Crashes
  • Premises Liability
  • Slip and Falls
  • Dog Attacks
  • Brain Injuries
  • Serious Burn Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Wrongful Death
  • Other Personal Injuries

We Offer Free Initial Consultations |  If We Don't Win, You Don't Pay

We offer free case evaluations to all prospective clients. Even if you’re not sure whether you have grounds for a claim, one of our Hayward personal injury lawyers will assess your situation and help you make informed decisions. If we take on your case, you won’t owe us any attorneys’ fees unless we make a successful recovery either through settlement negotiations or a trial verdict. To ensure your case gets off to a strong start, it is important that you come to your first meeting prepared with any evidence you have compiled. If possible, bring along your medical records, most recent tax return, pay-stubs, any photos you took of injuries and the accident scene, and other evidence that might be relevant to your case. If you do not have access to one or more of these items, don’t worry; our attorneys can gather them for you.

What If I Was Partially at Fault for My Injuries?

If you’ve done any research on personal injury law or the claims process, you may have come across the term “liability.” For your claim to be successful, you must demonstrate that another party is liable for your injury or loss. But what if you were partially liable? Can you still recover compensation? Under California’s “comparative fault” system, a plaintiff who is found partially liable for their own damages may still be able to recover compensation; however, their monetary award will be reduced by their percentage of liability. There are many scenarios when a personal injury victim might be held partially liable for their damages. For instance, if your taillights were out and you were rear-ended by a driver who was texting behind the wheel, both you and the other motorist might shoulder a percentage of fault. Likewise, if you were crossing the road outside of a designated crosswalk and you were hit by a drunk driver, you both might be assigned a percentage of fault. If the insurance company is arguing that you were partially liable or if you believe this might happen, it is important that you consult a Hayward personal injury attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer from Harris Personal Injury Lawyers can gather evidence and possibly bring in accident reconstruction experts and other specialists to determine how your injuries occurred. If it turns out that you did contribute to your injuries, we will do everything in our power to reduce your percentage of liability and help you obtain the highest compensation possible. Our lawyers have many decades of combined experience negotiating with insurance companies, and we have an extensive background handling cases that involved liability disputes. You can count on our seasoned legal team to help you overcome any hurdles you might encounter on the path to fair compensation.

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After helping thousands of clients and winning hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers has earned a reputation as one of the toughest law firms in California. But our goal isn’t just to help you obtain the compensation you deserve; we will also strive to make the proceedings as comfortable and stress-free as possible for you and your family. Our attorneys will make themselves available around the clock to answer your questions, and you will have a direct line of contact with your lawyer. To set up a free case review, call us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS. You can also reach us online using our contact page.