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Has an accident injury caused by someone else’s negligence turned your life upside down? Are you searching for a reputable Pacific Palisades personal injury attorney? Maybe your insurance company settlement offer is surprisingly less than you expected. You’re right to be concerned. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc., we understand the steep price of reclaiming your life after an accident. Our clients have received more than $300 million in damages to help them on their way. The sooner you get started--the better. Someone from our legal department is available by phone 24/7. If your injuries keep you from coming to us, we’ll come to you. We’ll even help facilitate your medical providers if your insurance is being a pain. You’ll always get a free initial consultation. Even better, no payment is due until we win your case or settlement.

Our Pacific Palisades Personal Injury Attorneys Offer Help with a Wide Variety of Cases:

  • Car accident claims: When you venture into congested traffic in nearby Los Angeles, you may become a victim of aggressive or distracted drivers. Our Pacific Palisades car accident attorneys offer prompt legal help for your maximum financial recovery.
  • Motorcycle accident claims: Your biker’s paradise near the Malibu beaches and Pacific Coast Highway may have been devastated in a moment by a motorcycle accident. Whether you’re facing a serious motorcycle injuries claim or the wrongful death claim of a loved one, you can count on our expert motorcycle accident attorneys in Pacific Palisades.
  • Truck accident claims: Tons of twisted steel and severe spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and even burn injuries go hand in hand with a semi-truck accident. Your long-term recovery requires long-term financial compensation. We’ll fight for your best possible financial and physical recovery at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers in Pacific Palisades.
  • Bus accident claims: Riding the Big Blue Bus around town or catching a bus into LA? Your stress-free commute gets stressful if you’re involved in a bus accident. Call our bus accident lawyers in Pacific Palisades for prompt legal counsel if you’re suffering from bus accident injuries!
  • Bicycle accident claims: If you’re an avid cyclist, careless or distracted drivers are your biggest liability. Our Pacific Palisades bike accident injury attorneys offer experienced and aggressive legal help to bike accident victims.
  • Pedestrian accident claims: A hit and run pedestrian injury is more common than not -- leaving behind severe or fatal injury victims! Our pedestrian accident lawyers in Pacific Palisades will fight for your just pedestrian injury compensation or for the wrongful death claims of a loved one.
  • Scooter accident claims: Due to recent popularity of Bird scooters in some California beach towns, scooter injuries are a growing challenge for many victims. Our Pacific Palisades scooter injury lawyers are prepared to meet the challenge. Don’t suffer alone!
  • Boating accident claims:  Whether you’ve chartered a dolphin watching tour on the Pacific or you’re boating on an inland lake, a boating accident ruins your day. Boating injuries are also costly. In fact, the responsible boater should pay your damages. Call for your free initial consultation with one of our boating accident lawyers in Pacific Palisades.
  • Train accident claims: Riding the rails for business or pleasure? A train crash accident creates a challenging insurance claims. Get the personal attention you need for your train accident injuries claim. Our Harris Personal Injury Lawyers are just a phone call away.
  • Airline accident claims: Frequent flier? Keep our Pacific Palisades airline accident attorneys number handy. Your loved ones will appreciate our expert legal help in the event of an airline crash.
  • Uber and Lyft accident claims: Maybe ridesharing is your favorite way to travel into the busy city. Our  Uber and Lyft accident lawyers in Pacific Palisades know the best strategies for facing Lyft and Uber accident injuries claims.
  • Turo accident claims:  When you’re injured in a Turo-related accident, life gets complicated quickly. We’ll handle your complex Turo injuries claim so you can focus on recovering. Call our expert Turo injury lawyers in Pacific Palisades.
  • Dog bite accident claims: If you’ve had the misfortune of a dog bite injury, you may be wondering who’s going to foot the bill for you. In spite of leash laws, local laws differ. Our Pacific Palisades dog bite accident lawyers know your area laws and how to fight for your optimum recovery.
  • Slip and fall accidents are over in a split second, but your injuries may plague you for years afterward. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s neglect, you may have a premises liability case. Why? Property owners are required to maintain safety standards. Trip and fall hazards such as broken, uneven pavement, a neglected spill, or even poor lighting are the property owner’s liability. Call for a free consultation with our experienced slip and fall attorneys in Pacific Palisades.

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