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Companies have found a way to simplify transportation for the everyday rider, driver, and renter. A new rental car craze has hit the streets, Turo. Turo is a rental car service that allows anyone to loan their car out and get paid by the day based on the value of their vehicle. People rely on rental car companies for business trips, tourism, photoshoots, etc. and this service allows you to pick and choose the car in which you wish to drive. The infamous phrase, ‘Let Your Car Work for You,’ was coined by Turo, and people are willing to partake!

With only a few clicks, renters can coordinate where and when to meet the owner of their desired car in their desired city. However, there is the risk of getting into an accident in a Turo rental car or caused by a Turo renter, and these situations raise many questions and concerns for accident victims. If a renter gets injured in a Turo rental car, who’s insurance steps in? What is Turo’s bodily injury policy? Does the car owner’s insurance policy apply to the renter’s bodily injury or does Turo’s insurance policy step in?

How Does Insurance Work with Turo?

When renting a Turo car, it is essential to know that Turo provides collision protection for the vehicle, as well as liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage. Like commercial vehicles or rideshare vehicles, Turo has an insurance policy limit of $1,000,000.

According to Turo: Turo does not require you to have your own personal insurance coverage in order book a car on Turo’s marketplace. If you have insurance, liability insurance offered via Turo’s insurance partner(s) will supplement your existing coverage.

*Although, it is important to know that owners can opt out of Turo’s protection package where they can offer the $1,000,000 commercial policy to guests. Therefore, (as a renter) if you do not have insurance, it would be ideal to book a Turo rental car with an owner who did NOT waive Turo’s protection. Otherwise, you would be subject to whatever insurance policy the Turo car owner has if you were injured in an accident.

What Should I Do After Getting into an Accident?

If you have been recently injured in an accident involving a Turo, seeking medical care will be beneficial to your claim. If you are not taken by ambulance from the accident scene, it is important to retain a police report or incident report. We tell our clients to get any witness information to prevent future liability concerns. Contact a Turo accident attorney at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers to schedule your free case evaluation. Let our accident injury lawyers help you seek maximum recovery for your suffering.

Accident Attorneys You Can Trust

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers has over a decade of experience fighting for the rights of accident victims. Our team of injury attorneys has helped auto accident victims seek fair compensation and top-notch medical care. If you have been injured in an accident involving a Turo car, contact the lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers to see if we can help you seek recovery. Our team of attorneys works solely on a contingency fee agreement; this means that nothing is owed to us unless we win your case.

Why Hire Harris Personal Injury Lawyers to Represent Your Turo Accident?

In the state of California, it is your right to seek financial compensation for suffering/sustaining an injury from the negligent act of another person. Our California car accident lawyers have the trial experience and case results to prove that we specialize in determining negligence in the courtroom. Our law firm strives to provide high-quality legal representation to all clients, no matter the severity of their injury.

Our team of car accident attorneys has been recognized by many national legal accolades for their many successes in the courtroom. Let Harris Personal Injury Lawyers help you recover from your Turo accident; mentally, physically and emotionally.