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If you've been injured through no fault of your own, you may need a reputable and caring Artesia personal injury lawyer to help fight for you. Just as important, you need an accessible attorney in your time of crisis. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc., someone is available 24/7 by phone. We’ll even come to you in your time of need if you can’t come to us. We have a winning reputation -- recovering more than $300 million dollars in damages for our California clients. With Disneyland Park, Los Angeles, and beautiful beaches nearby, you have so much to see and do. Unfortunately, when accidents and injuries happen, these completely turn your plans and life upside down. That’s where our Harris Personal Injury Lawyers step in to help YOU experience financial, physical, and emotional relief. Don’t settle with your insurance company before checking with us! Their bottom line is at stake with each settlement they make. Your future well-being is what is important to us. We’ll give you a free case evaluation of your case, facilitate medical providers if needed, and help you turn around your losses. Our personal injury lawyers do not get paid until YOU do. 

Cases Our Artesia Personal Injury Attorneys Handle:

  • Truck accident claims: Drivers of big rigs are often pressured to meet deadlines. You share congested LA area highways with these trucks in a hurry. Unfortunately, an accident involving any smaller vehicle and a heavy truck is a recipe for serious injuries such as burn and spinal cord injuries, or even brain trauma. You need an Artesia truck accident attorney by your side to get the settlement needed to recover and move forward.
  • Car accident claims:  Car crashes create terrible havoc in your personal life. You’re juggling conversations with insurance companies. On top of that, you’re suffering and may be unable to work. Our Artesia car accident lawyers will gather evidence and handle all of your critical case details for you -- lost time at work, medical bills, and cumulative losses.
  • Motorcycle accident claims: Are serious motorcycle accident injuries ruining your life?  Back, neck, and head trauma injuries are no joke! A Harris Personal Injury lawyer fights for your best interests and the hidden costs of motorcycle injuries.
  • Lyft and Uber accident claims: Traveling between LA or Anaheim? Ridesharing is a popular option! When an accident occurs, an Artesia Lyft and Uber accident claims lawyer will go between you and the insurance companies involved to work out the complex details and make sure you are fairly compensated.
  • Bus or train accident claims: Riding is often more relaxing than big city driving. No wonder buses and trains are popular Artesia commuter options! Whether you’ve been injured as a bus rider or hit by a bus as pedestrian, fighting a major corporation to seek compensation for your injuries creates more complications. Your Artesia personal injury lawyer will professionally handle those complexities for you.
  • Pedestrian accident claims: No matter if you or a loved one are hit by a car, truck, bus, or Bird scooter, the injuries can include: serious brain and spinal cord trauma and multiple other injuries. Nothing’s worse, though, than needing to file a wrongful death claim. Our caring, accessible Harris Personal Injury Lawyers will see you through your challenging days.
  • Aviation accident claims: Whether you’re injured in an airport or suffering due to an airplane malfunction accident, you need an experienced Artesia airplane accident attorney to deal with the big airline industries and insurance companies.
  • Boating accident claims: Fun in the sun can turn deadly when boaters violate safety laws. Get the help and justice you deserve from an Artesia boating accident attorney at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers.
  • Bird scooter or Turo injuries claims: Enjoy being part of the beach-loving crowd? Bird scooter injuries are on the rise for both the drivers and innocent bystanders. Or maybe you’re involved in a Turo rental accident? With up-to-date legal knowledge, we’re ready to handle your personal injury case.
  • Dog bite injury claims: Animal lover or not, a dog bite injury due to a dog owner’s negligence is terrifying and painful. Get the financial relief our knowledgeable Artesia dog-bite attorneys can provide.
  • Suffering due to a slip and fall injury? You may have a premises liability case.Sometimes business owners get careless about property hazards such as proper lighting, sidewalk maintenance, slippery floors, and broken equipment. Your Artesia premises liability lawyer knows the hidden costs of a slip and fall accident.  

Those medical bills pile up quickly! You need immediate legal advice. Such cases can be hard to prove. Witnesses, photos, and medical records are just a few of the details your experienced Artesia slip and fall accident attorney will gather on your behalf.

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