Berkeley Truck Accident Attorneys


Berkeley Truck Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident, you might have grounds for a claim against the truck driver, his or her employer, an auto parts manufacturer, or another party. Regardless of who was responsible, our truck accident lawyers have the experience and resources to take on the largest corporations, and we will fight to pursue the compensation you deserve.

What Can I Do to Preserve My Truck Accident Claim?

Unfortunately, insurance adjusters are primed to scrutinize cases, looking for reasons to deny injured parties’ claims or pay as little as possible. This is because they have a responsibility to protect the company’s bottom line, not help you recover. As such, you will need to work hard to preserve your claim. Your personal injury lawyer will walk you through how to do just that.   Here are a few ways: 

  • Seek medical treatment: The insurance company will review your medical records to find out if you’ve taken steps to minimize your injuries. In other words, the claims adjuster will want to know whether you’ve done your part to heal. Because of this, waiting a substantial amount of time to see a doctor doesn’t look good to insurers. To avoid running into disputes (not to mention, to ensure you are taking care of yourself), visit a doctor as soon as possible after the accident – and follow that doctor’s orders regarding your course of treatment. 
  • Refrain from making recorded statements:It’s standard practice for insurance companies to seek recorded statements from claimants. The companies will use these statements to dispute your claim. For instance, if you admit that your injuries have been mild or that you felt you contributed to the accident, you may jeopardize your case. As such, refrain from making any recorded statements until you speak with a personal injury lawyer.  
  • Minimize your social media footprint:To protect your claim, it’s wise to avoid posting to your social media profiles until your case is resolved. This is because an insurer may use your content as fodder to dispute your claim. For example, the adjuster may cite a photo of you shortly after the accident to prove that your injuries aren’t that severe. 
  • Document your related medical expenses. In California, truck accident victims can pursue compensation for economic damages, which include healthcare costs, lost income, and other verifiable expenses arising from the accident. Therefore, you will need to save related invoices, receipts, and other documentation for your lawyer to use in calculating a proposed settlement amount. 
  • Keep a personal diary:This is a good time to start a daily journal in which you describe your symptoms, from their severity and frequency to how long they last. You can also record how your injuries have impacted your life, work, and relationships. You may think that you’ll remember, but because many personal injury cases can last for months or even years, it’s vital to capture how you are feeling right now before those memories inevitably fade.


Don’t Delay.

Our attorneys have decades of collective experience representing accident victims in negotiations with large motor carriers and their insurance companies and are here to represent you. Call 1-800-GO-HARRIS to set up a free case assessment. If you are unable to travel to our office for a consultation, we will come to you.