Templeton Car Accident Attorneys

Templeton Car Accident Attorneys

Car accidents are a leading cause of injuries and death each year. Frequently, impaired, distracted, and reckless driving is to blame. If you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, our Templeton car accident lawyers are here to help you recover. We will work to collect a settlement that will help you get back on your feet after a financially and physically devastating accident.   When you are involved in a car accident, your top priority should be seeking the medical care you need. But once you’ve attended to your injuries, you should immediately call a personal injury attorney. Critical evidence can fade over time, so act quickly to ensure you can build the strongest case possible. Call 1-800-GO-HARRIS to set up a free case assessment today.

We Handle A Variety of Car Accident Claims in Our Templeton Office.

Our Templeton personal injury attorneys have represented clients in settlement negotiations and litigation in all types of car accident cases. Because each case is unique, our attorneys will analyze the particular facts of your case to determine the best course of action.   We handle car accident cases caused by the following hazards, among others: 

  • Impaired driving 
  • Distracted driving  
  • Drowsy driving  
  • Speeding  
  • Hit and runs  
  • Poor road conditions or hazards  
  • Defective or malfunctioning vehicle parts

Our attorneys have also handled car accident cases involving trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians, bicycles, and rideshare vehicles.

What If It Was My Fault?

To avoid paying for your damages, insurance companies may claim that you contributed to your accident. Your attorney can help you determine whether this is true and, if so, how it will impact your recovery.  A California judge or jury may find that you were partially liable for your accident if you: 

  • Violated a traffic law 
  • Admitted fault 
  • Provided a recorded statement that led to an admission of fault 
  • Drove while distracted or impaired 

If you contributed to your accident, California law will apply a percentage to your fault and deduct that percentage from the damages you can recover. For example, if a drunk driver hit you while you made an illegal turn, you may be considered 40 percent at fault for the accident. As a result, a court may choose to reduce your damages award by 40 percent (so, if you stood to recover $10,000 for your accident, then, you will recover $6,000).  At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we are familiar with the law on partial liability. If it turns out that you were partially liable for your car accident, we will take steps to minimize your fault percentage so that you can still be made whole.

Discuss Your Claim with a Car Accident Attorney.

If you’re navigating the physical, emotional, and financial challenges following a car accident, you can confidently turn to Harris Personal Injury LawyersWhile insurance companies will go to great lengths to protect their bottom lines, we will fight to ensure you receive a fair settlement  Give us a call at 1-800-GO-HARRIS or schedule a free case review online. If you are unable to travel, we will come to you.