Fremont Train Accident Attorneys

Fremont Train Accident Attorneys

While train accidents may not be as widespread as car crashes, when they do happen, they are often catastrophic or even fatal. Our Fremont train accident attorneys know how devastating these accidents can be and have a long history of helping victims recover in their aftermath.

Types of Train Accident Cases We Handle

Many different parties may be liable for a train crash. Our legal team will conduct a thorough investigation to identify any liable parties and to gather the evidence necessary to pursue a settlement in your favor.   Our personal injury lawyers have decades of combined experience representing victims of train accidents throughout California. We handle: 

  • Train accidents involving passenger vehicles;  
  • Accidents caused by train derailments;  
  • Train accidents involving pedestrians; 
  • Train accidents caused by equipment malfunctions; 
  • Collisions involving multiple trains; and  
  • Train accidents resulting in catastrophic personal injuries and wrongful death.

Who is Liable for a Train Accident?

Identifying the liable party (or parties) in a train accident depends on the circumstances. For instance, a switch failure may be attributable to the party who installed it, while a collision at a crossroads may be the result of the conductor’s reckless, impaired, or distracted driving.   Some examples of liable parties in a train accident case include: 

  • The business that owns and operates the train 
  • The business that owns and operates the tracks 
  • The business responsible for the maintenance of the train or tracks 
  • The business that manufactured, distributed, or sold any defective train or track parts 
  • Motorists or individuals trespassing on the tracks or railroad property 
  • Train passengers 
  • The conductor or operator  

No matter the circumstances, our Fremont train accident attorneys will work to surface critical evidence showing what, or who, caused the wreck. By identifying the liable party or parties, we can work more efficiently toward helping you recover.

Recovering Compensation for A Fremont Train Accident Injury

By collecting evidence in support of your claim, you can show a judge or jury that you are entitled to be made whole for your losses. It is extremely difficult to prove your case on your own. However, by working with a train accident attorney, you will gain a partner and advocate who can gather, analyze, and present the evidence in support of your case.  Your personal injury lawyer will work hard to collect evidence in some combination of the following: 

  • Your medical records, from doctors’ visit notes to diagnostic imaging 
  • Photographs of your injuries and the accident scene 
  • Your financial records, from pay stubs to tax returns 
  • Receipts from any medical expenses you incurred, including travel expenses for your medical care, vehicle modifications made necessary by your injuries, and any home renovations that made your home more accessible post-injury 
  • Expert testimony, from accident reconstructionists to medical, vocational, or financial experts 
  • Your notes about how the accident and your injuries have impacted your life

Don’t Handle This Alone. Our Firm is Here for You.

Our legal team will answer your questions, ensure you understand your rights, and devise a strategy to approach the claims process. We can handle each step of your train accident case, from gathering evidence to negotiating with an insurance carrier on your behalfCall our 24-hour phone line at 1-800-GO-HARRIS or send us a message to schedule a complimentary case review.