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If you sustained an injury or lost a family member due to the negligence of another person, you deserve justice. You have the right to bring a claim for any damages you have incurred. The Paso Robles personal injury lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers will aggressively help you pursue the full compensation you are owed. As a client of Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, you will have peace of mind knowing that your claim is being handled by an experienced legal team that has assisted more than 5,000 clients throughout California. We have recovered over $300 million for the injured and their families. Call us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS for a free consultation.

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Common Paso Robles Personal Injury Claims:

  • Car Accidents: As the victim of an auto accident, you may be entitled to compensation for vehicle repairs, medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. You can count on our seasoned Paso Robles personal injury attorneys to help you fight for the maximum compensation.
  • Bicycle Accidents: A moment's inattention could be all it takes to injure or kill a bicyclist. The lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers understand how severe bicycle accidents can be, and we are passionate about helping victims pursue justice.
  • Tractor-Trailer Accidents: Fatigue, defective parts, negligently loaded cargo, and a variety of other factors can cause devastating truck accidents. If you were hurt in a collision involving a big rig, call Harris Personal Injury Lawyers to find out if you have grounds for a claim.
  • Motorcycle Accidents: It goes without saying that a motorcycle accident can result in catastrophic injuries. The attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers will evaluate your case for free and explain your rights.
  • Boating Accidents: One person’s negligence can turn a dream boating trip into a nightmare. If you were hurt in a boating accident, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim against the responsible party.
  • Rideshare Accidents: Tort claims arising from rideshare vehicle accidents come with unique challenges. Let Harris Personal Injury Lawyers help you overcome the hurdles you will encounter on the path to a fair settlement.
  • Pedestrian Accidents: We're told at a young age to look both ways before crossing the street, but even the most diligent pedestrians can sustain injuries when drivers are distracted or otherwise negligent.
  • Turo Accidents: Were you hurt in a collision involving a Turo vehicle? Contact Harris Personal Injury Lawyers for legal guidance.
  • Aircraft Accidents: Our attorneys can investigate your airplane accident to identify its cause and determine who may be liable for your damages.
  • Train Accidents: If you were injured in a train crash, our legal team can help you gather the evidence needed to prove liability and the value of your damages.
  • Bus Accidents: The Paso Robles injury lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers have handled numerous bus accident claims involving serious personal injuries and wrongful death.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: A spinal cord injury is one of the most catastrophic injuries a person can sustain. The lifetime cost of care can reach several million dollars, but with the help of our personal injury lawyers, you may be able to recover the compensation needed to cover your losses and live the fullest life possible.
  • Burn Injuries: Burn injuries not only are extremely painful but also can result in disfigurement. The hospital and rehabilitation bills can add up quickly, but you may be able to recover compensation for these expenses by filing a personal injury claim.
  • Brain Injuries: Winning a brain injury claim requires extensive evidence and usually involves the testimony of a medical expert. Our attorneys can thoroughly investigate your accident, gather all available evidence, and arrange testimony from the appropriate expert witnesses to ensure your case is as strong as possible.
  • Dog Bites & Animal Attacks: An animal attack can leave the victim with physical and emotional scars that last for many years. If you were bitten by a dog or another animal, contact Harris Personal Injury Lawyers to find out if your case has merit.
  • Scooter Accidents: With no protection from impact, Bird scooter riders often sustain catastrophic injuries in collisions with motor vehicles. Our lawyers understand the nuances of these claims and can help you navigate the proceedings from start to finish.
  • Premises Liability: If you were hurt because a property owner failed to perform reasonable maintenance or warn you about a dangerous condition, you can bring a premises liability claim for any damages you have incurred as a result.
  • Slip and Falls: Slip or trip and fall accidents often result in serious injuries. Don't take on the insurance company alone. Contact Harris Personal Injury Lawyers for aggressive legal representation.
  • Wrongful Death: If your loved one died due to the negligence or intentional act of another person or organization, you may have grounds for a wrongful death claim.
  • Other Personal Injuries: Our law firm handles a variety of personal injury claims. No matter the cause of your injuries, we will evaluate your case for free and provide guidance to help you make the right decisions regarding your claim.

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