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California Bus Accident Attorneys

If you were seriously injured in a bus accident, you probably have a lot of questions. Can I sue the bus company? Will my case go to trial? What damages can I claim? The California bus accident attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers are here to answer your questions and help you determine the most strategic way to proceed with your case.

We are well-versed in the laws that govern bus accident claims in California. With many decades of experience in legal practice, our attorneys have the skills and resources to help you and your family fight for the maximum compensation. Call us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS for a free consultation.

Our Bus Accident Lawyers Handle All Types of Bus Accident Claims in California

Each bus accident case is unique. There are countless factors that contribute to these collisions, and victims can suffer a variety of severe injuries including brain trauma, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, internal organ damage, and many others. The bus accident lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers handle all types of bus accident cases including:

  • Bus accidents involving public buses;
  • Bus accidents involving school buses;
  • Airport shuttle accidents;
  • Tour bus accidents;
  • Bus accidents involving drowsy and distracted drivers;
  • Bus accidents caused by mechanical failures;
  • Bus accidents involving pedestrians;
  • Bus accidents due to poor road conditions; and
  • Bus accidents involving wrongful death.

Who Can I Sue After a Bus Accident in California?

Determining liability is often more complicated after bus accidents than after collisions involving regular vehicles. Besides the driver, there are many other parties who may be liable for your damages, and it is possible that multiple parties share a percentage of fault.

The California bus accident lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers will review the evidence to determine which parties may be liable for your damages.

Those parties might include:

  • A Bus Company: If the bus company failed to ensure its vehicle was safe—for example, by replacing bald tires and maintaining the brakes—and this caused your accident, you can bring a claim against the bus company for your damages. Bus companies also have a duty to train and supervise their drivers. They may be held liable if an accident is caused by an employee’s negligence.
  • Operators of a Tour Bus: Tour bus operators can be held liable for damages if a person is injured while riding a bus as part of a tour package.
  • The Bus Maintenance Company: If your collision was caused by a mechanical failure, the company responsible for maintaining the bus might be liable for your damages if it was hired by the bus company as an independent contractor.
  • A Government Entity: If your accident involved a government-owned bus or if a government employee was at fault, you can bring a claim against the government entity. A government entity also may be liable for your damages if the accident was caused by poor road conditions.
  • Bus Drivers: If a bus driver broke a traffic law and this caused your accident, you may have grounds for a claim against the bus driver; however, in most cases, the companies that employ bus drivers are held liable for their employees’ negligence.
  • Auto Part Manufacturers: If an auto part defect caused your crash, you may have grounds for a claim against the manufacturer, designer, or distributor of the part.
  • Other Drivers: If another driver caused your accident, you can bring a claim against that driver for your damages.
  • School Boards: If a school bus driver is employed by the school board and causes an accident, victims can bring a claim against the school board.

We Will Make Sure the Insurance Company Treats You Fairly

The California bus accident attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers have seen firsthand just how devious insurance companies can be when it comes time to file a claim. They employ all sorts of tactics to reduce their liability and find reasons to undervalue and deny claims. Our lawyers will help you stay one step ahead of the insurance company and avoid critical mistakes that would derail your case.

DO NOT SPEAK TO THE INSURANCE ADJUSTER until you have consulted an attorney from Harris Personal Injury Lawyers. You might be coerced into making a recorded statement that can be used against you. It is also advisable that you stay off social media until your case has been resolved.

During your free initial consultation, our attorneys will explain the steps you should take (and the mistakes you must avoid) to give your claim the best chance of success.

Discuss Your Case With Our California Bus Accident Attorneys Today

The bus accident lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers are here to help you and your family pursue justice and the maximum compensation. To learn more about our law firm or to schedule a free consultation, call us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS or fill out our contact form to reach us online.


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