San Marcos Train Accident Attorneys

San Marcos Train Accident Attorneys

Whether you were a passenger in a car that was struck by a train or you were harmed as a passenger on one, you should consider contacting a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, our attorneys handle train accident cases in our State. No matter the specifics of your case, we will work to gather the strongest evidence possible so you can recover compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial injuries stemming from a train accident. To schedule a free initial consultation with a member of our team, call 1-800-GO-HARRIS. Someone is available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we will meet at a place that is convenient for you if you are unable to travel.

Common Causes of Train Accidents in San Marcos

Our train accident lawyers have discovered some of the most common causes of train accidents are:

  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Failure to keep a lookout or to check blind spots
  • Defective parts
  • Mechanical failures

Who is Liable for Your Injuries in A Train Wreck Case?

Before we can identify who was liable, we need to first pinpoint the cause of the accident. If the train conductor was operating the vehicle while distracted or impaired, he (or his employer) may be liable. However, if the accident happened when a rogue motorist veered onto the tracks, then that driver may be liable. Examples of liable parties in train wrecks are:

  • The company that owns and operates the train
  • The company that owns the tracks
  • The company that manufactured the train, a train part, or the track
  • The company that provides maintenance for the train or track
  • Motorists
  • Pedestrians

Compensation for Your Injuries

Through a personal injury lawsuit, you can seek to recover some or all of your accident-related expenses. These are commonly referred to as “economic damages.” Examples of economic damages include reimbursement for your medical bills, lost income, reduced earning potential, and reduced quality of life. In many cases, you can also seek to recover for intangible losses, like emotional distress, disability, loss of consortium, and the cost of permanent, life-altering physical limitations.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Involved in A Train Accident?

In any accident case, it is vital to take steps to preserve your claims. If you delay, you risk losing track of key evidence or running outside of the relevant statute of limitations. At a minimum, your attorney will probably encourage you to take the following initial steps:

  • Take photos of your injuries and the accident scene.
  • Seek medical treatment for your injuries.
  • Contact eyewitnesses.
  • Take notes about your injuries and treatment, as well as how your symptoms have affected your lifestyle.
  • Give all relevant documentation to your attorney.

Discuss Your Case with A Train Accident Attorney.

At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we will handle each step of your case, from gathering evidence to negotiating a settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance provider. You will benefit from having us in your corner. Call our 24-hour phone line at 1-800-GO-HARRIS or send us a message to schedule a complimentary case review today. We look forward to serving you.