Escondido Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers

Escondido Slip and Fall Lawyers

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is an award-winning personal injury law firm in the State of California. Our California personal injury law firm emphasizes in proving negligence for injured victims. Unfortunately, people trip, slip and fall every day due to the negligence of another in Escondido. Our Escondido slip and fall lawyers have represented hundreds of slip and fall victims. Our slip and fall victims suffer minor to major injuries, many injuries that require surgeries and doctors’ visits. It is important to know that in California, you have the right to seek financial compensation for the injury you’ve incurred if the property owner is proven negligent. Once you’ve hired one of our slip and fall attorneys they will file dangerous premises claim on your behalf.

Premise Liability Cases:

  • Cracked flooring or cement
  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Broken handrails
  • Wet floors
  • Uneven flooring
  • Broken glass on floor
  • Unsafe construction
  • Debris
  • Potholes

Common Slip and Fall Accidents Cases:

Our Escondido slip and fall lawyers have represented many people against government-owned property where the grounds were deemed unsafe. Many clients have slipped on wet floors, or improperly maintained floors. It is important to know that property owners must make sure that there is enough light in hallways, the ground surface is flat, or make sure that there aren’t any surprise holes in the ground. If you or loved one have recently fallen and hurt, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your suffering.

What to Do After You Have Fallen?

What is important to know as a slip and fall victim is your evidence is important to the evaluation of your case. It is extremely important to take any photos of the accident scene and your injuries. It is also crucial to retain an incident or police report. It is likely to be a slip and fall victims and submit a claim without representation and immediately get your claim denied. Slip and fall claims are commonly denied because proving negligence is extremely tough. Our team of slip and fall lawyers have successfully retained a seven-figure slip and fall settlement. Our team of Escondido slip and fall attorneys will fight for you against insurance companies. If you believe you may have a potential slip and fall accident claim, contact our Escondido slip and fall law firm immediately.

How Much is My Slip and Fall Injury Worth?

There is no set price for any given injury. However, with our experience level, we have found that there are many factors that play into the valuation of any case. The severity of your injury, the amount of treatment needed, the available insurance policy are all major factors. Once hired, our team will investigate the accident in its entirety, and we will demand compensation for all possible damages.

Why Harris Personal Injury Lawyers?

Handling a slip and fall claim on your own will likely be difficult and in our experience, our slip and fall victims who decide to file a claim without representation receive an unfair compensation amount if anything at all. Our slip and fall attorneys have the confidence to take on drug stores, grocery stores, private properties, government-owned entities and more. We have a no fee guarantee policy, as we work on a contingency fee agreement. This means, if we do not settle your case, we do not get paid. We have no up-front or hidden fees. If you cannot make it into our office, we can come to you!