San Clemente Car Accident Attorneys

San Clemente Car Accident Attorneys

At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, our auto accident litigation team handles a wide variety of cases ranging from minor injury claims to wrongful death lawsuits. If you or someone in your family was seriously injured in a preventable crash, it may be possible to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost income, property repairs, and other damages. Our San Clemente car accident attorneys offer free consultations and can help you make strategic decisions. We intentionally limit the number of cases we handle so our attorneys are able to devote their full attention to each and every claim. We have won more than $300,000,000 for clients. To speak with one of our legal professionals in a free case assessment, call 1-800-GO-HARRIS.

What If the Opposing Party Refuses to Settle?

There are several potential stages that a car accident case might go through before it is resolved. More than 90 percent of these cases do not go all the way to trial, though it is certainly possible that your case will be an exception if the opposing party refuses to cooperate. Generally speaking, the most favorable outcome of any tort case is to obtain a fair settlement without having to file a lawsuit. This not only would allow you to avoid the stress and hassle of litigation, but it would also speed up the proceedings and might increase your financial recovery since litigation comes with added costs. As such, our San Clemente car accident lawyers will do everything in their power to win a fair settlement without entering litigation. We will compile all available evidence to prevent disputes and make sure the damages are calculated pursuant to the relevant statutes and case law. When we prepare for settlement negotiations, we essentially prepare for trial in order to minimize the likelihood that the opposing party will challenge the claim. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances when a settlement cannot be reached in the early stages and a lawsuit must be filed. Once the lawsuit is filed, it is possible that the opposing party will offer a settlement to avoid the cost of litigation. This may happen, for example, if the insurance company was refusing to cooperate just to find out if we would actually bring a lawsuit and “call their bluff.” If a settlement is not reached after the lawsuit has been filed, your case will proceed to discovery. In the discovery phase, your lawyers and the attorneys of the defendant will exchange documents and review pertinent facts to understand each side’s claims and defenses. Depositions may be taken from you, the liable party, your caregivers, your treating physician, percipient witnesses (i.e. eyewitnesses), and expert witnesses (such as medical doctors, life care planners, economists, and occupational therapists). If the discovery phase does not result in a settlement, your case might proceed to arbitration or mediation. These are two kinds of “alternative dispute resolution.” While the final decision in arbitration can be either binding or non-binding, mediation is always non-binding. If the case is not resolved through alternative dispute resolution, the next phase would be going to trial. Our San Clemente car accident lawyers have decades of experience representing clients in court. We know how to deliver compelling, evidence-based arguments that maximize our clients’ chances of winning a verdict.

We Have the Resources to Win Catastrophic Injury Cases

Did you or someone in your family suffer a long-term or permanent disability in a collision? You probably know by now the tremendous physical, emotional, and financial impact that a catastrophic injury can have on the lives of both the victim and his or her loved ones. These cases tend to involve significant damages, which means the insurance company may invest considerable resources in challenging them. While it is always important to hire a car accident attorney who has litigation experience, this is especially true when a catastrophic injury—such as brain trauma or spinal cord injury—is involved. Even if it seems clear that the defendant was liable for the collision, a dispute might still arise over the damages calculations. In California, victims of personal injury can seek future damages like loss of earning capacity and anticipated healthcare costs. Calculating such damages requires an in-depth understanding of the relevant case law, statutes, and facts pertaining to your case. It is likely that the case will proceed to litigation, and expert witness deposition could play a critical role in the outcome. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we work with well-credentialed medical and financial experts who are able to provide a credible, compelling, and highly influential deposition in catastrophic injury cases. The quality and qualifications of your expert witnesses will be important since the defense can depose expert witnesses of their own. As a client of our law firm, you will have the advantage of our vast resources, and you will be well-represented through every stage of the proceedings.

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