San Clemente Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

San Clemente Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Riding a motorcycle is an exciting way to commute or just to enjoy San Clemente's pristine weather, but it comes with inherent risks. If you were injured in a preventable crash that someone else caused, you may be dealing with severe pain, emotional trauma, steep medical bills, and lost income. Our motorcycle accident attorneys are proud to help clients like you pursue the full compensation they deserve. Insurance companies can be unscrupulous when it comes to protecting their bottom line. They dig deep to find any possible reason to dispute claims, and they are very good at what they do. Let us level the playing field by serving as your aggressive advocate and advisor throughout the proceedings. There’s no charge for the consultation. Dial 1-800-GO-HARRIS to speak with a member of our team.

What Sets Harris Personal Injury Lawyers Apart from Other Motorcycle Accident Law Firms?

There are dozens of motorcycle accident attorneys in San Clemente who claim to offer unparalleled legal services, but what sets these law firms apart? While there are many qualities to consider when hiring an attorney, the following should be at the top of your list: a track record of success in cases like yours, positive client testimonials, and extensive litigation experience. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we have helped clients win substantial settlements and verdicts in a wide variety of motorcycle accident cases. With many decades of experience, our attorneys understand how to tailor their approach to the nuances of each individual claim. The location and severity of your accident, the types of injuries you’ve sustained, and many other factors will influence how we investigate your case and approach the settlement negotiations. We have won cases involving catastrophic injury and wrongful death, and we have experience taking on private individuals, government entities, businesses of all sizes, and some of the largest insurance carriers in California. Our positive client reviews are a testament to the dedication we bring to each and every claim. We are proud to have received hundreds of favorable testimonials from satisfied clients. We attribute our high rate of client satisfaction to our commitment to providing a comfortable client experience in addition to tireless and knowledgeable representation. We answer phone calls and return messages promptly—even after office hours and on weekends. We genuinely care about our clients and will make your case a priority from day one. Regarding litigation experience, our lawyers have spent years deposing expert and percipient witnesses and winning cases through mediation and arbitration. We also relish the opportunity to take a case to trial when a defendant or insurance company refuses to cooperate. While we try to avoid litigation when we think it is in our clients’ best interests to settle, we will not hesitate to push toward trial if we think it might lead to a greater recovery for you and your family.

We Have Extensive Experience Negotiating Medical Liens

Many personal injury victims receive healthcare on a lien basis. A lien may be asserted on your recovery by a health insurance company, a medical provider, or a government agency like Medicare or Medicaid. There are many scenarios, however, when our San Clemente motorcycle accident lawyers can get a medical lien reduced or waived outright. This is something that many people overlook when hiring an attorney, but it is often essential for obtaining maximum recovery.

We Have a Refined Knowledge of the Relevant Case Law and Statutes

Most people who suffer major injuries in motorcycle accidents are not familiar with the case law and statutes that pertain to their claims. Insurance companies sometimes exploit this by asserting that the claim should be denied or reduced in value for a reason that has no basis in case law or statute. Our attorneys won’t let the insurer take advantage of you. In fact, simply being represented by our law firm will send a message that you won’t fall for cheap tricks, and you have the means to proceed to litigation if a fair settlement cannot be reached.

We Can Help You Anticipate and Overcome Disputes

The ideal outcome of your case would be to win a fair settlement without any unnecessary delays. To the insurance company, however, the ideal outcome would be to pay you as little as possible or nothing at all. They will look for any reason to dispute liability, causation, or damages. Depending on the circumstances, they might try to blame you for the accident, argue that you’re claiming damages for a pre-existing condition, or say that you have failed to mitigate your losses. Our San Clemente motorcycle accident attorneys can anticipate the disputes that are most likely to arise and prepare to counter them. We will stay one step ahead of the insurance adjuster and will ensure your case is as strong as possible before we enter settlement negotiations.

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A motorcycle crash can be a life-changing event that comes with a tremendous amount of stress both for the victim and their family. Our attorneys are here to alleviate the burden by taking over the logistics of your case and helping you fight for fair compensation. Send us a message HERE or dial 1-800-GO-HARRIS to schedule a free consultation.