Garden Grove Wrongful Death Attorneys

Garden Grove Wrongful Death Attorneys

Coping with the death of someone close to you is never easy. It is particularly agonizing when their loss could have been averted. Accidental injuries caused by the reckless actions of others can often be fatal for the victim, leaving surviving relatives devastated in the aftermath. Our Garden Grove wrongful death attorneys can help you hold the at-fault parties accountable for their actions by assisting you as you seek compensation for your loss. We believe that everyone deserves access to compassionate representation after a wrongful death in the family. That’s why we offer free case reviews and only charge attorney’s fees if your claim is successful. Our team is available to take your calls 24 hours a day. Set up a free initial consultation by contacting us at 1-800-GO-HARRIS.

Elements of a Wrongful Death Case

Wrongful death claims are often incredibly complex. Not only may it be difficult to determine who is responsible for your loved one’s death, but you might also face resistance from opposing parties as they fight tooth and nail to reduce how much they pay out—especially if you’re seeking a significant sum. At HPI, our legal team can handle the logistics of your case such as investigating the accident, preparing evidence for negotiations or trial, and representing you and your family during proceedings. Here are the elements our lawyers will need to prove to help you obtain a financial award:

  • Duty of Care: Simply put, if the defendant was in a position where they should’ve behaved in a responsible manner towards the deceased, he or she owed them a duty of care. For instance, a healthcare provider has a responsibility to their patient to prescribe the correct medication. Alternatively, a motorist has a duty of care to follow the rules of the road and drive safely to avoid harming other road users.
  • Breach of Duty of Care: Once your attorney has established that the defendant did owe your lost loved one a duty of care, your lawyer will also need to show how the defendant violated this responsibility. For instance, if the doctor in the example above misdiagnosed the patient, and their negligence caused the patient’s death, this may be grounds for a wrongful death claim.
  • Causation: It’s not enough just to show that the defendant was negligent, and that the plaintiff suffered damages. Your attorney will need demonstrate that your loved one’s death was the direct result of the defendant’s breach of their duty of care. Let’s return to the example of the doctor. The attorney might argue that had the doctor dutifully followed the applicable standards of care, the patient’s death would’ve been prevented.
  • Damages: To obtain a financial award, you will need to show the damages you’ve suffered because of your loved one’s death. These losses might include burial costs, medical bills, lost wages, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering. Proving these damages will require strong and convincing evidence such as financial documents, medical records, and expert witness deposition.

Common Damages in a Wrongful Death Case

While a settlement or verdict in a wrongful death case can never make up for your loss, it can at least give you and your family the funds you need to get your life back on track. A financial award in such cases can include compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. Examples of the damages typically available to claimants include:

  • Funeral Costs: Burying a loved one is painful, heartbreaking, and incredibly expensive. It’s not uncommon for a funeral service to costs thousands of dollars, an added expense that—in addition to the deceased’s medical bills—can put immense strain on your finances. Fortunately, these costs may be recoverable as part of your claim. Compile any receipts or invoices related to the funeral to share with your attorney during the initial consultation.
  • Lost Financial Contributions: If you depended on the deceased financially, you may be able to seek compensation for loss of financial contributions. This compensation isn’t just limited to the wages he or she was earning before the accident but can also account for the victim’s expected career trajectory had they survived. Your attorney may need to consult with economists and vocational experts to determine the value of such damages.
  • Medical Expenses: If the deceased was hospitalized or received treatment prior to their passing, you may be able to seek compensation for these costs. Even a few days spent at the hospital can cost a small fortune, with long-term treatment often costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Other Damages: Other potentially recoverable damages include loss of sexual relations (for the deceased’s spouse) as well as loss of assistance, protection, love, and advice.

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Our wrongful death attorneys are here to help you seek fair compensation for the loss of a loved one. We can help assess your case, discuss your options, and provide tenacious representation at all stages of proceedings. If opposing parties refuse to cooperate, we’re not afraid to go to trial to help you fight for the highest settlement possible. To pencil in your free case assessment, shoot us a message or call us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS.