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As a country, we rely on commercial trucks to ferry goods from state to state. It’s how we keep store shelves stocked, giving us access to everyday essentials. However, while these giant vehicles are an important part of our economy, they are also a serious hazard on the road. Due to their immense size, accidents involving trucks can lead to catastrophic injuries and extensive property damage. If you were hurt in a wreck involving an 18-wheeler, turn to our Granada Hills truck accident attorneys for help. 

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How to Mitigate Damages after a Truck Wreck? 

As a claimant, you have a responsibility to take reasonable measures to mitigate your damages. As such, if it emerges that you took any actions that exacerbated your injuries, you could be held liable for some of your losses.  

Let’s look at some of the ways you can mitigate your losses after an accident: 

  • Seek Immediate Medical Treatment: If you delay visiting the doctor and end up suffering further health complications as a direct result of your negligence, you could be left on the hook for some of your losses. As such, it’s important that you undergo a comprehensive medical assessment as soon as possible after the wreck. While this may seem like a waste of time if you were able to walk away from the accident scene, it’s possible that you suffered an impact injury that is yet to manifest any symptoms. The only way to rule out a potentially life-threatening condition is to get a prompt diagnosis. 
  • Follow All Medical Advice: Once you’ve received a diagnosis, you must make sure to follow your healthcare provider’s instructions until you’ve achieved maximum medical improvement. For example, you should make sure to attend all follow-ups, physical therapy sessions, and take the medications you’ve been prescribed. If the insurer finds out that you ignored your doctor’s orders, you could face disputes. For instance, they may argue that you failed in your duty to mitigate damages. In such situations, you could be held liable for the resulting damages. 
  • Don’t Delegate Tasks You Can Still Do Yourself: In California, accident victims can seek compensation for the expense of reasonably necessary replacement services. Examples of such services can include meal prep, childcare, and taking care of the household. While you may not feel up to tackling certain tasks, if your doctor has given you the greenlight to handle such chores, you should not outsource them to someone else as it’s unlikely that you will receive compensation for these services. 

How Much Is My 18-Wheeler Accident Case Worth? 

As there are many different factors that could affect the outcome of your case, it’s not possible for any lawyer to guarantee you a specific amount. However, a skilled personal injury attorney can assess the available evidence and consult with expert witnesses if necessary to help estimate reasonable compensation for your losses. 

Let’s look at some of the types of damages that may be available to you: 

  • Medical Expenses: From the ambulance trip and ER visit to prescription medication and physical therapy sessions, many of the costs associated with your treatment may be recoverable. However, you will need access to up-to-date medical records to prove such losses, so it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible after the accident.  
  • Lost Income: If you were unable to work because of your injuries, you may be able to recover compensation for lost wages. Additionally, if your condition is likely to affect your ability to make a living in the future, you might also receive a settlement for diminished earning potential and loss of future earnings.  
  • Pain and Suffering: Even a minor injury can lead to severe agony making it difficult to enjoy your everyday life. While it might be difficult to quantify the intangible effects of your condition, you have a right to seek compensation for the ways in which your injuries have affected your psychological well-being. Your attorney may use many different types of evidence to build a case for such damages, including your personal injury journal entries, psychiatric reports, and expert witness deposition.  
  • Replacement Services: A serious injury can prevent you from completing everyday tasks such as meal prep, housekeeping, and childcare. As such, many victims must rely on family members, friends, or professionals to step in and oversee these activities. In such situations, you might be able to recover compensation for the cost of any reasonably necessary replacement services. 

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