Granada Hills Train Accident Attorneys

California’s expansive railway system lets you sidestep gridlock traffic, giving you a convenient way to get from A to B. While most trips are completed without issues, not even this reliable public transport network is immune to accidents. If you were hurt on the rails, turn to our Granada Hills train accident attorneys to discuss your options for pursuing compensation. 

At HPIL, we are dedicated to helping injury victims seek justice in the aftermath of a serious wreck. From the moment you pick up the phone, we will treat you and your family with dignity, professionalism, and respect. Contact us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS to get started.  

What Should I Do after a Train Wreck? 

Nobody boards a train expecting an accident, so it’s unlikely that you’re prepared for the moment disaster strikes. Fortunately, the steps you need to take after a railway wreck are similar to those you’d take after a collision on the road. 

Let’s look at some of these steps in closer detail: 

  • Document the Accident Scene: Much of the evidence you will need to support your claim could be time-sensitive. As such, you should begin collecting proof as soon as possible before it is no longer available. Fortunately, if you are physically able to do so, you can start collecting evidence immediately after the accident. Using your smartphone, you should take photographs of the scene, making sure to snap pictures from multiple different distances and angles. Additionally, you should take down the names and contact details of the other passengers as your attorney may want to interview them. 
  • Visit the Doctor: Even if you were able to walk away from the train wreck, you should still schedule a doctor’s appointment. It’s possible that you suffered an injury that is yet to manifest symptoms, so a prompt diagnosis will ensure you receive the necessary treatment without delay. Undergoing a comprehensive medical assessment within a reasonable timeframe will also help demonstrate that you took reasonable measures to mitigate damages, and it may also make it easier to connect your condition to the accident. 
  • Gather and Compile Important Documentation: From invoices for home modifications to repair bills to your medical records, you should make copies of any documents relevant to your case. Additionally, if your injuries have prevented you from working, you should make sure to include evidence of any lost income, such as paystubs, tax returns, and letters from your employer. 

Tips for Using Social Media after an Accident 

Train accidents are a rare occurrence, so it’s not unusual for such wrecks to make the news. Within minutes, you might be peppered with questions on social media, with friends, relatives, and even news reporters pushing you to retell the moments of this traumatic event.  

However, while it may be tempting to share the grisly details of the accident, anything you post online could be used to deny your personal injury claim. As such, you should temporarily disable your social media profiles for the duration of proceedings.  

If this isn’t possible in your situation, here are a few tips to help protect your claim next time you’re on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram:  

  • Ramp Up Your Privacy Settings: For an added layer of protection, most social media websites give you the option to control who can view your posts. As such, you’ll likely be able to limit access to only those in your approved friend or follower lists. Taking this step can prevent opposing parties from viewing what you post, but there are still a few ways to circumvent these settings. For instance, the insurer may be able track your activity by monitoring your friends’ or family’s accounts. 
  • Screen New Friend Requests Carefully: After updating your privacy settings, you will need check any friend and follow requests before pressing “accept”. It’s possible that the insurer or another opposing party might send you an invite with the intent of gaining access to your now “private” feed. In most cases, it’s best to ignore all new requests until your case has been resolved. 
  • Skip the “Check Ins”: Facebook now allows users to “check in” when they arrive somewhere new. This is a simple way to let your friends and family know what you’re up to, whether you’re trying out a new restaurant or visiting someone out of state. Unfortunately, while you are recovering from your injuries, the insurer could use these “check ins” to dispute your claim. For instance, if you went to a bar a few days after the wreck, the claims adjuster may argue that your injuries can’t be as serious as you say because you are still able to enjoy a normal quality of life.  

Discuss Your Case with a Granada Hills Train Accident Attorney Today 

A serious train wreck can derail your life overnight, leaving you in agony and drowning under a mountain of medical debt. Thankfully, you may be able to recover a settlement for your medical bills and other losses by filing a personal injury claim against those responsible for causing the accident.  

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