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Life on foot is a risky business in California. With many reckless, speeding, and distracted motorists on the road, a serious accident could be waiting around every corner. If you were struck by a negligent driver, our Granada Hills pedestrian accident attorneys can help you build your personal injury claim.

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How Much Is My Pedestrian Accident Claim Worth? 

If you were hurt in a wreck, it can quickly feel like your savings have sprung a leak. From your medical costs to your repair bills, there is no shortage of expenses in the aftermath of an accident. Overall, these unanticipated costs can add up to an immense financial burden, potentially putting you and your family on the road to bankruptcy. 

With your financial future at stake, you will probably want to know what your personal injury claim is worth. While it’s impossible to guarantee a specific amount, our legal team can investigate the accident and assess the available evidence to help estimate reasonable compensation for the losses you’ve incurred. 

Let’s look at some of the factors that could affect the value of your pedestrian accident claim: 

  • The Extent of Your Injuries: A catastrophic injury will almost always result in more extreme losses than a relatively minor condition. For instance, if you suffered a traumatic brain injury that will permanently prevent you from returning to your job, you may be able to recover compensation for far more than just your medical bills. Additional losses could include lost income, diminished earning potential, and replacement services. Depending on your age, projected career trajectory, and how much you were earning before the accident, these damages can often add up to considerably more than your medical expenses.
  • Whether You Played a Role in Causing the Accident: In California, claims are subject to the state’s pure comparative fault rules. As such, if you are deemed liable for playing any role in causing the accident, your eventual financial award will be reduced by your percentage share of liability. For instance, if it’s concluded that you were 20% at fault for causing the collision, you will likely only receive a settlement equal to 80% of your damages. 
  • Cost of Repairing or Replacing Damaged Property: If you were carrying your phone, laptop, or other expensive personal property when you were struck, you may be able to recover compensation for the cost of repairing or replacing such items. You should make copies of any associated invoices, estimates, and receipts as you will likely need these to demonstrate your accident-related costs. 

What Mistakes Should I Avoid after an Accident? 

The outcome of a pedestrian accident claim can depend on several different factors, many of which, however, are out of your hands. This doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take during proceedings that will help you prevent disputes, delays, and other issues. 

Let’s take a look at a few common mistakes you should avoid until proceedings have run their course: 

  • Deviating from Your Treatment Plan: As a claimant, you have a responsibility to take reasonable measures to mitigate your damages. The first step in fulfilling this duty should be to visit the doctor to undergo a comprehensive medical assessment. The second step should be to follow your healthcare providers’ instructions carefully to avoid doing anything that might cause your condition to deteriorate. If it emerges that you deviated from your treatment plan, the insurer may have grounds to argue that your negligence exacerbated your injuries. In some situations, you could be on the hook for some of your damages. 
  • Providing a Recorded Statement: Fairly soon after reporting the accident, the insurer might contact you for a recorded statement. However, until you’ve had a chance to investigate the accident and assess your damages, you run the risk of saying something inaccurate or untrue that could be used as evidence to challenge your credibility. At HPIL, our lawyers can handle all correspondence with opposing parties so you won’t have to worry about saying something that might hurt your chances of obtaining a fair settlement. 
  • Posting about the Accident on Social Media: The insurer may monitor your social media profiles for evidence that could be used to challenge your case. As such, anything you post on these platforms could be leveraged to devalue or even deny your pedestrian accident claim. You should never post about the accident, your injuries, or your personal injury claim online. Additionally, you should avoid discussing your expenses and social activities, uploading pictures, or “checking in”. In most situations, it’s best to deactivate your accounts for the duration of proceedings. 

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