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Types of Cases Our Truck Accident Attorneys Handle in Monterey There are countless ways a truck crash can occur. Speeding, fatigue, and unsafe lane changes are all common causes. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we have successfully handled a wide variety of truck accident claims. If you or someone in your family was seriously hurt in a collision that another person caused, we may be able to help you obtain compensation for healthcare bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Here are just a few common types of truck accident claims we handle:

  • Truck Accident Claims Involving Fatigue: The more time truckers spend on the road, the higher their income will likely be. Naturally, this incentive to spend long hours behind the wheel increases the risk of fatigue-related accidents. To prevent these crashes, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration implemented Hours of Service Regulations, which restrict the number of consecutive hours truck drivers can spend behind the wheel. When truckers violate the HoS Regulations and cause a collision, they and possibly their employer may be held liable for any resulting damages.
  • Claims Involving Unsafe Lane Changes: 18-wheelers have larger blind spots than passenger cars, and if they fail to survey their surroundings before changing lanes, a serious accident is likely to occur.
  • Claims Involving Defective Auto Parts: Tractor-trailers are complex machines, and one defective part could be all it takes to cause the driver to lose control. There are many parties who might be liable for auto part defects including the designer, manufacturer, or distributor of the part; a mechanic who installed the part; or the trucker or motor carrier if they failed to perform reasonable maintenance.
  • Claims Involving Spilled or Shifting Cargo: Improperly restrained cargo can be a deadly hazard. When goods spill onto a highway, adjacent drivers are forced to make split-second evasive maneuvers, which can result in devastating accidents. Also, trucks that are overloaded or imbalanced are more likely to flip when turning a corner at a high speed.
  • Truck Accident Wrongful Death Claims: Due to their immense size and weight, trucks can cause catastrophic injuries in the event of a wreck. Thousands of people die every year in these collisions. The Monterey truck accident lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers are well versed in the laws that govern wrongful death claims in California, and we can help you pursue the compensation you need to cover all crash-related expenses, lost income, and other damages.

Who Can I Sue After a Truck Accident?

The answer to this question depends on the specific cause of your crash. For your claim to be successful, your attorney must be able to prove that another party’s negligence was the proximate cause of your injury or loss. Depending on the circumstances of the wreck, this party might be:

  • The Truck Driver: If the trucker was working as an independent contractor at the time of the collision or was engaging in particularly egregious misconduct, you might have grounds for a claim against him or her.
  • The Truck Driver’s Employer: Motor carriers may be held liable for the negligence of their employees. If the trucker was performing work-related duties when the collision occurred, you might have grounds for a claim against the motor carrier.
  • A Mechanic: If a mechanic negligently repaired the truck and this led to your accident, he or she may be liable for any resulting damages.
  • The Company That Loaded the Truck: When shifting or spilled cargo is to blame for a crash, the company that loaded the truck may be held liable for damages.
  • An Auto Part Manufacturer: If a defective auto part was to blame for your accident, you might have grounds for a claim against the company that designed, manufactured, or distributed that part.
  • A Government Agency: If your crash was caused by poorly maintained roads, you may be able to file a claim against the government agency responsible for keeping the roads safe.

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Time is of the essence after any truck crash because important evidence, such as black box data and dashcam footage, might eventually become unavailable. The Monterey truck accident attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers are ready to conduct an immediate investigation, compile evidence, and help you fight for the compensation you need to move on with life. Use our Contact Form or call 1-800-GO-HARRIS to set up a free initial consultation.