Newport Beach Dog Bite Attorneys

Newport Beach Dog Bite Attorneys

A dog bite can happen when you least expect it- while walking down the sidewalk or playing with a dog at the park. No matter the circumstances, being attacked by a dog is a traumatic experience that can leave you with permanent physical and emotional scars. Our Newport Beach dog bite attorneys understand how devastating such an attack can be. We can help you fight for the highest possible compensation for medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. We always prepare for settlement negotiations as if we are going to trial. Our legal team will perform a thorough investigation into the attack, compile all available evidence, and calculate the highest possible settlement based on the relevant statutes and case law. Unlike other personal injury law firms, we always devote the time and resources needed to pursue the best possible outcome. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, call 1-800-GO-HARRIS.

How Could Social Media Impact My Dog Bite Case?

Most people have no idea that a single social media post could be all it takes to derail an entire personal injury case. Insurance companies are well aware that injury victims won’t think twice about publishing a photo of their wounds or writing a text post that describes the incident in detail. This content is usually admissible in court, and it can often be used to dispute liability, causation, or damages. For example, if you write something that indicates you were agitating the dog before the attack, you might be held at least partially liable for the resulting damages. California follows a pure comparative negligence standard, which means your award of damages would be reduced by your own percentage of fault. Depending on the value of your claim, having your financial recovery reduced by just a few percentage points could add up to a major loss. Some people write optimistic posts about their recovery, essentially downplaying the severity of their injuries so close friends and family don’t worry as much. If the insurance adjuster sees this post, it may be used to argue that your injuries are less serious than you are claiming, which could make it difficult to obtain fair compensation for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. If you publish a photo of you attending a social event, exercising, or participating in another strenuous activity, it may be used to assert that you are failing to mitigate the damages. This, again, could lead to a reduction of your damages award. There are many other ways a social media post could harm your case. Ultimately, the best way to use social media after a personal injury is not to use it at all. To protect your case, you should consider disabling your social media accounts temporarily. At the very least, you should avoid posting about your injury, the attack, or your case. Also, do not publish any photos of you taken after the attack, and tell friends and family not to tag you in any posts. Update your privacy settings so only your connections can view your content, and do not accept any connection requests from people whom you do not recognize.

What If the Opposing Party Refuses to Pay a Fair Settlement?

Even if you have strong evidence and you’re careful about what you do and say after the attack, the defendant may still refuse to pay a fair settlement. If this happens, your Newport Beach dog bite lawyer can help you file a lawsuit and proceed to litigation. The first stage of litigation is called “discovery.” Your attorney and the legal team of the defense will exchange evidence and documents and try to understand the claims and defenses of either side. Depositions may then be taken from eyewitnesses and expert witnesses. If the discovery phase does not result in a settlement, your case may proceed to alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration or mediation. ADR is a cheaper and faster alternative to trial. If no settlement is reached at this stage, your case would proceed to trial.

Call 1-800-GO-HARRIS for a Free Consultation with a Newport Beach Dog Bite Lawyer

The smartest step you can take to protect your rights is to speak with a dog bite attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer can help you avoid critical mistakes early in the proceedings that would jeopardize your case down the road. Your attorney can also take over correspondence with the insurance company, gather evidence, approximate a fair settlement amount, and fight for the compensation you deserve. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we have a track record of success in dog bite cases. Our attorneys are accomplished litigators who aren’t afraid to proceed all the way to trial if it is in your best interests to do so. To set up a free case assessment, send us a message or call 1-800-GO-HARRIS.