Newport Beach Slip and Fall Attorneys

Newport Beach Slip and Fall Attorneys

At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we have extensive experience and a track record of success in premises liability cases. Most slip and fall claims are brought against business establishments, but we also accept cases against private individuals, government entities, and other parties. Our slip and fall attorneys in Newport Beach will provide you and your family with tenacious representation through every stage of the proceedings. Businesses of all sizes will go to great lengths to protect their bottom line. That means they (or their insurance companies) will invest a considerable amount of resources into disputing slip and fall claims. Our lawyers won’t let the opposing party take advantage of you; we will help you fight for the highest possible payout, even if that means taking your case all the way to trial. To speak with a member of our team in a free case evaluation, call 1-800-GO-HARRIS.

Qualities to Look for in a Newport Beach Slip and Fall Attorney

There are plenty of law firms in Newport Beach that accept premises liability cases, but not all attorneys offer exceptional representation. Most personal injury claims involve auto accidents, so many law firms that accept personal injury cases haven’t even handled a slip and fall claim before. And needless to say, you shouldn’t hire an attorney who doesn’t have a track record of success in cases that are similar to yours. With so many practices willing to take your case, narrowing down the options can be arduous. Below we’ve listed some of the most important qualities to consider when hiring a slip and fall attorney in Newport Beach. These very qualities are what set Harris Personal Injury Lawyers apart from other law firms in the area:

  • A History of Success in Similar Cases: Ask about the slip and fall cases the law firm has handled in the past. Did they involve similar circumstances? What were the outcomes of those cases? A lawyer who has won cases like yours will have an understanding of the relevant statutes, case law, and proceedings. They should also be able to anticipate disputes before they arise and take steps to counter them.
  • A Willingness to Enter Litigation: It’s not unheard-of for lawyers to advise their clients to accept an unfair settlement to avoid the hassle of litigation. But if the opposing party refuses to offer a reasonable payout, it’s important that you have a seasoned litigator by your side who would be willing to go all the way to trial if it’s in your best interests to do so. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we have won substantial payouts at every stage of litigation, and we have a track record of success in trial. We will relish the opportunity to file a lawsuit if the defendant or their insurance company refuses to cooperate.
  • Excellent Reviews from Past Clients: An attorney might sound knowledgeable and compassionate during the initial consultation, but will they provide tenacious representation once you’ve retained their services? One way to find out is to read testimonials from past clients. If the vast majority of the reviews are positive, that’s a good sign the law firm practices with integrity.
  • A Direct Line of Contact: You should find a lawyer who gives you a direct line of contact. That way, you won’t be stuck waiting several hours or even days for a return phone call or email, which can be incredibly stressful.

Evidence to Strengthen a Slip and Fall Claim

Your claim won’t yield compensation unless you can prove liability, causation, and damages. The types of evidence needed to prove these three elements vary from one case to the next. Did the defendant have actual or constructive knowledge of the hazard that caused your injuries? Did you have a preexisting medical condition? What kinds of injuries have you sustained? What types of damages have you incurred? These are just a few of the questions that will determine the kinds of evidence your Newport Beach slip and fall lawyer uses to strengthen your claim. Depending on the circumstances, valuable evidence may include:

  • Building maintenance records;
  • Photos of the dangerous condition that caused the accident;
  • Video footage of the fall;
  • Eyewitness deposition;
  • Expert witness deposition;
  • The incident report;
  • Your medical and financial records;
  • Receipts and invoices for costs you’ve incurred due to the accident; and
  • Your personal injury journal.

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If you need legal counsel after a slip and fall, turn to Harris Personal Injury Lawyers. We are passionate about helping accident victims navigate the legal system and obtain the compensation they deserve. We provide free consultations and handle claims on a contingency fee basis. For a no-obligation case review, send us a message on our Contact Page or dial 1-800-GO-HARRIS.