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Known for the beautiful beaches, Oceanside is a bicyclists’ dream town. Oceanside is home to many professional triathletes and cyclists. The roadways are filled with cyclists’ on the weekends. That being said, cyclists’ are more than likely to get into an accident with a vehicle. Car accidents involving a bicyclist never ends well for the cyclist. The injuries tend to range from open wounds and broken bones to death.

We are cyclists’ ourselves and understand the dangers of sharing the road with cars. It is important to know that all bicyclists have a legal right to the road. California law states vehicles must leave adequate space between the vehicle and the cyclist, 3 feet to be exact. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we are a proud personal injury law firm. Our firm strongly belileves that there is no injury worth suffering without getting financially compensation. Let our trial attorneys help you get what you deserve.

Bicycle Accidents Occur When:

  • It is common for bicyclists to get struck by a distracted driver. With thousands of cars on the road, many drivers are in traffic and tend to use their phone, do their makeup, etc. There are too many times where drivers are distracted and drive directly into the path of a cyclist causing injury.
  • Bicyclists also play victim to speeding, and a driver may not be able to break in time to avoid the cyclist.

If you are a bicycle accident victim, it is your legal right to seek compensation for the accident. Legally, cyclists must follow the rules of the road. Our attorneys solely practice personal injury litigation and have settled many bicycle accident cases to a successful resolution.

A common problem bicycle accident victims face is dealing with the driver’s insurance company. They will tend to blame the cyclist for part of the accident. Their job is to try to alleviate their financial liability by blaming you for part of the accident. That is where our attorneys come into play by countering when insurance adjusters try to minimize your claim.

Compensation for Bicycle Accidents

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers have the experience to bring your bike accident injury case to a successful resolution. All accidents are different and may require more medical treatment than others. There are several factors that go into the evaluation of your bicycle accident case. Our Oceanside bicycle accident attorneys will help you receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, future medical bills, pain, and suffering.

Oceanside’s Top-Rated Accident Attorneys

As many bicycle accidents go unreported, we suggest every bicycle accident victim get the driver’s information no matter if they are visibly injured. Bicyclists are in shock post-accident and tend to bike away, without getting any information from the driver. Then days later they may feel intense pain. Our qualified attorneys will fight for your rights. So, seek the necessary medical treatment to diagnose your injuries, and call our law office for a free consultation. Our Oceanside bicycle accident lawyers are ready to fight for you!


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