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San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorneys

In the moments that follow a serious bicycle accident, the victim not only experiences severe pain but also is confronted with a flood of concerns about how the injury will affect their life—both in the near-term and in the future. Will I be able to enjoy the same physical activities ever again? Will I have to deal with chronic pain? How will this injury affect my loved ones? While nothing can undo the physical and psychological trauma you have experienced, our bicycle accident lawyers in San Francisco may be able to help you maintain financial security by bringing a claim against the liable party. We have won more than $300,000,000 in personal injury and wrongful death cases, many of which involved bicycle accidents. Our lawyers are well-respected by insurance companies throughout California; insurers know that we won’t settle for less than our clients deserve, and we relish the opportunity to go to trial if they refuse to cooperate. You can reach us day or night by calling 1-800-GO-HARRIS. The consultation is free, and if you decide to hire our law firm, you won’t owe any attorney’s fees unless we win.

Can I File a Bicycle Accident Claim Without an Attorney?

While it is possible to bring a personal injury or wrongful death claim without an attorney, this is almost never a good idea. It is the insurance company’s goal to pay you as little as possible, and there are dozens of strategies they might use to do so. Insurance adjusters know that many such strategies won’t work against a savvy attorney, but they can often take advantage of claimants who represent themselves. There are all sorts of mistakes and oversights you could make if you don’t hire an attorney. One inadvertent error could be all it takes to cause your claim to be denied or greatly reduced in value. If your financial security is on the line, representing yourself is simply not worth the risk. Read on to learn a few reasons to hire a well-credentialed bicycle accident attorney in San Francisco:

  • You Might Be Coerced into Providing a Harmful Statement

    If you were hit by a negligent driver and you weren’t breaking the law at the time of the crash, you might assume that there’s no way for the insurance company to dispute your claim. But this is almost certainly not the case. Even if the police report and other evidence seem to support your version of events, a dispute might still arise regarding the severity of your injuries, the value of your damages, and whether you’ve taken reasonable steps to mitigate your damages. Your own statements to the insurance adjuster could serve as the very basis for such a dispute. For example, if you say that you’re no longer in pain or that you’ve already returned to work, the insurer might say that your injuries are less serious than you’re claiming, or that you’ve failed to follow your doctor’s orders by returning to an active lifestyle too early. And make no mistake—insurance adjusters know how to coerce claimants into providing such statements inadvertently. A seasoned bicycle accident lawyer in San Francisco won’t fall for such tactics and will prevent the insurer from taking advantage of your vulnerable position.
  • Calculating a Fair Settlement May Be Complicated

    Determining the value of pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity, future medical bills, loss of consortium, and other damages may involve complex formulas and require the deposition of expert witnesses. An experienced attorney will know the most widely accepted formulas to use when approximating a fair settlement amount.
  • You Might Overlook Damages

    Depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to compensation for economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. Overlooking any damages you might be owed could greatly reduce the final recovery.
  • You Might Overlook Evidence

    It’s not uncommon for claimants to ignore valuable evidence such as cellphone records, surveillance footage, and black box data. Much of this evidence could be time-sensitive, and leaving it out of the proceedings might increase the likelihood of a dispute.
  • The Insurer Might Take a Hardline During Negotiations

    Have you ever litigated a bicycle accident lawsuit? Chances are the answer is “no.” If you represent yourself, the insurance company might assume that you wouldn’t be willing to file suit and go to trial if they refuse to cooperate, which could motivate them to take a hardline during settlement negotiations.

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