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If you live in San Francisco, Uber and Lyft are common forms of transportation. Most people in the city rely on Uber or Lyft as their main source of transportation. Uber and Lyft have basically erased the common taxi service. It is important to know, that if you were injured in an accident involving a rideshare car company, you may be entitled to financial compensation for suffering an injury. For some years, Uber and Lyft did not offer coverage for their drivers. Until some terrible accidents caused by their drivers caused the lives of innocent people. Our car accident lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers are ready to help you seek compensation for suffering an injury in an Uber accident or Lyft accident. If you or a loved one have been recently injured, contact one of our car accident lawyers in San Francisco today.

Accident Claim Against Uber or Lyft: It is important to know that there are different policy limits for each accident depending on the circumstance. It is important to know that if you are a passenger in the Uber or Lyft and the accident was indeed the Uber or Lyft drivers fault, you may file a claim against the $1 Million-dollar insurance policy because you were an innocent 3rd party.

  1. If the Uber or Lyft driver is using their car for personal reasons and you get in an accident, they are covered by their personal auto insurance. Therefore, we would likely file a claim against their personal insurance company.
  2. If the driver is logged into the app, but NOT transporting anyone at the time of the accident…the injury will be covered by their personal insurance. THEN, Uber’s insurance will step in for another $50,000 per injury (up to $100,000) and up to $25,000 in damages.
  3. If the driver is transporting a passenger and gets into an accident, Uber has a $1Million policy. This insurance policy may also offer cover those drivers who are uninsured and underinsured.

What to Do After You Have Been in an Uber Accident or Lyft Accident:

Just like any other accident, it is important that you seek medical care immediately. It is important to properly diagnose your injuries to help further your recovery. If possible, screenshot your app on your phone to document time and place of the accident. Get as much contact information as possible, Uber driver, Lyft driver, the other driver, etc. Get a copy of the police report, and take any photos of your car, the rideshare drivers’ car, and call one of our Uber accident lawyers/Lyft accident lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers immediately.

Common Injuries from Uber Accident in San Francisco:

Not knowing the skill level of your Uber or Lyft driver is risky enough. Sharing the road with other drivers is a risk as well! Hiring one of our car accident lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is risk-free. We have a team of skilled accident lawyers who have years of experience fighting against large insurance companies. We have represented accident victims who have suffered minor to major injuries

Compensation for a Car Accident:

Once you’ve had a free case consultation and once one of our Lyft crash and Uber crash lawyers are hired, they will analyze every aspect of the accident. Our team will work aggressively on your behalf and offer every client substantial financial and legal representation. If needed, we will work with accident experts who will help investigate all possible avenues of the accident. We will also work with top medical professionals who will help investigate the extent of your injuries. Again, we will work aggressively on your behalf and will not charge any upfront or hidden fees. Managing attorney, Ryan Harris, built Harris Personal Injury Lawyers on the principle that every accident victim deserves the same quality representation as large insurance companies, and that is what we will provide. Our skilled car accident lawyers can demand damages for property damage, medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering.

Our car accident lawyers can help Uber accident victims and Lyft accident victims find a medical professional if they are having trouble. If you are worried about payment we can help facilitate treatment with doctors or medical professionals who work on a lien basis. This means, their bills can be paid form your potential end settlement. Recovery and seeking treatment is necessary for the evaluation of any personal injury claim.

Trustworthy Accident Lawyers in the Bay Area

Located next to AT&T Park, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is available over the phone or in person for a free case consultation. If you cannot make it into our office, we can come to you!  If you have recently injured in a rideshare vehicle, or by a rideshare driver…contact our personal injury law firm in San Francisco. We will fight for your rights!

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