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Every day, pedestrians walk the streets of San Francisco to get to and from work, the store, the mall, the marina etc. And every day there are accidents involving cars, trucks, trolleys, buses and pedestrians. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we are devoted to helping pedestrian accident victims seek compensation for their injuries. We help injury victims seek justice and compensation for suffering an injury that was not their fault. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury from a pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Pedestrian Accidents

Most commonly, pedestrians are struck from negligent drivers. Pedestrians have the right of way, and negligent drivers tend to accidentally hit pedestrians when they are distracted. Pedestrians are hit in crosswalks, near crosswalks, in parking lots, by buses, and are even hit on the sidewalk as a result of a vehicle collision. The team of attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers in San Francisco have represented pedestrian accident victims who have suffered minor to severe injuries, like death.

Common Pedestrian Accidents: Pedestrians face a greater risk for injuries when sharing the roads with vehicles. Many of our injured clients have suffered from:

  • Open wounds, cuts, bruises
  • Fractures and tears
  • Spinal and brain injuries
  • Fatalities

Who is at Fault in a Pedestrian Accident?

Pedestrian accident victims are often confused as to what their rights are as an accident victim. It is important to know that pedestrian has the same rights as drivers do and they can seek financial compensation by filing a personal injury claim. Pedestrians are supposed to use crosswalks and follow the rules of the road; however, every accident is circumstantial. If you or a loved one have been injured in a pedestrian accident, and you are unsure if you are at fault…contact our San Francisco personal injury law firm for a free case consultation. If your case is viable, our attorneys will conduct a full investigation to determine liability.

Why Hire a Pedestrian Accident Attorney?

It is crucial to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer to handle your personal injury claim. Why? You will likely receive a comparable amount of compensation if you fight insurance companies alone. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we have over a decade of experience dealing with insurance companies on behalf of injured victims. If you are not represented by an attorney, the insurance adjuster will likely take advantage of you and diminish the value of your claim. There is no injury you should suffer without seeking compensation. Most pedestrian accidents are catastrophic and life-changing.

What to do After You Have Been Struck by a Vehicle:

The steps following an accident are crucial to your potential pedestrian accident case. If you weren’t taken by ambulance, it is important that you seek the proper medical treatment that would diagnose your injury. Get the liable party, or motorist’s insurance and contact information. Retain a police report to help preserve any evidence. If there were witnesses around, get their contact information as well. This will help dispute any future liability issues. Take photos of the accident scene and your injuries. Contact our pedestrian accident law firm in San Francisco for a free case evaluation.

Pedestrian Injury Compensation:

The attorneys at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers are often asked, “How much is my injury worth?” Truth is, there is not a set price for an injury. The available insurance policy of the liable party will help determine the compensation. The severity of your injury will help determine. The percentage of liability will help determine. Every accident claim is circumstantial and our attorneys will analyze and investigate every avenue prior to demanding any amount of compensation.

It is important to know that the lawyers at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers have over a decade of trial experience and have successfully resolved over 5,000 accident cases. We have recovered over $300,000,000 for accident victims. We do not have any upfront or hidden fees. We work on a contingency fee agreement. This mean, we do not get paid, unless we win your case. If you cannot make it into our San Francisco office, no problem we can have a case consultation over the phone or we can come to you.

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