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At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, our car accident attorneys take on every accident case with the hopes to getting maximum financial compensation for our injured clients. Our car accident law firm emphasize on providing aggressive legal representation for clients who need treatment and need help recovering post- car accident. Our team of car accident lawyers fight against the liable parties’ insurance companies.

Santa Maria is home to our Central California Coast personal injury law firm. We are readily available to discuss your car accident case with you over the phone or in person during your free case consultation. To ensure you are receiving compensation for visiting doctors, treating with doctors, and suffering from your accident—it is important to know that it is your legal right to seek compensation for your injuries. Car accidents occur daily throughout Santa Maria, do not hesitate and reach out to our car accident law firm for a free case consultation.

Common Santa Maria Car Accidents

Our Santa Maria car accident lawyers have represented injured victims who were t-boned, rear-ended, side-swiped and even involved in head-on collisions. There are many reasons why car accidents occur; distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding and/or hit-and-runs are a few to name. Our accident attorneys have over a decade of experience representing injured victims in Santa Maria.

What to Do After a Car Accident?

After a car accident in Santa Maria, it is important to seek the proper medical care. Getting properly diagnosed will allow you to recover efficiently. If you were not taken by ambulance from the emergency scene, it is important to go to an urgent care or a local hospital as soon as you feel pain. It is extremely important to get the liable driver’s contact information and if possible their insurance information. Prior to discussing your accident case with our law office,  it is important to get a property damage estimate of your vehicle.

We are available 24/7 to discuss your potential case over the phone or in person.

Why Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Most car accident victims come to us after they have been injured in a car accident. Many come to us in shock and confusion because the liable party’s insurance company is denying their medical bills and or trying to diminish the value of their claim. Our car accident lawyers in Santa Maria are there to help you and help seek all avenues of financial compensation, ultimately, to get you what you deserve for suffering an injury. Getting into an accident can be extremely traumatizing, however, our team of lawyers will take over all communication for you with insurance companies. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers has a team of passionate and considerate attorneys who will fight for you risk-free. We work on a contingency fee, meaning we do NOT get paid until you do.

Can’t Afford Your Medical Treatment?

Well, you have come to the right personal injury law firm. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is a renown personal injury law firm in California, and we have deep relationships with doctors, chiropractors and medical professionals in Santa Maria and the surrounding areas. We can help facilitate treatment with medical professionals who work on a lien basis. This means, you treat for free upfront and then your medical bills will get paid from any potential settlement.

Your recovery and treatment are crucial to the evaluation of your case. It is important that you get the proper amount of medical treatment to recover.

Common Injuries from a Car Crash

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Whiplash
  • Bruising and cuts
  • Tears and broken bones
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal injuries and permanent disabilities

Santa Maria Accident Lawyers You Can Trust

It is crucial for any accident injury victim to discuss your car accident before accepting an insurance claim. Many people come to us after they have accepted a settlement for their accident, but are still injured and need treatment. Our team of personal injury lawyers will help fight for your rights against insurance companies to allow you to treat for as long as necessary. It is important to hire a car accident lawyer with trial experience.

Many insurance companies will diminish the value of your claim and our attorneys are confident and aggressive to take on any insurance company in a court room. With over a decade of experience, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers has recovered over $300,000,000 for accident victims. Call Harris Personal Injury Lawyers today or submit a free consultation request. If you cannot make it into our office, no problem, we will come to you!

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