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Villa Park Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Villa Park Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

On a bike, you don’t have the same protection as your four-wheeled counterparts. As such, even at slower speeds, a collision could still have devastating consequences. Victims are sometimes left permanently disabled and left to deal with complications for the rest of their lives. Our Villa Park motorcycle accident attorneys are here to help. Whether it’s negotiating with the insurer or preparing your case for trial, we can assist at all stages of proceedings. Call 1-800-GO-HARRIS to connect with a member of our legal team. Your first case review is free.

What Should I Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

Staying calm after a serious wreck is no easy task. A sudden accident can be a bewildering experience, and it’s likely you will be in considerable pain. However, your ability to focus during this chaotic moment could help you secure a financial award in the future. Below are a few steps you should take after a motorcycle accident:

  • Contact Authorities: If you were injured by a motorist, you should contact authorities as soon as you can. Not only will this ensure that the injured parties receive medical attention, but police officers may also respond to the scene to investigate the accident and file an official report. This report can contain useful information about the parties involved, injuries, property damage, and the officers’ observations on who or what caused the car wreck.
  • Gather Evidence at the Scene: The more evidence you can collect at the accident site, the easier it might be for your attorney to build a strong case. Such evidence can include eyewitness statements, photographs of your injuries and property damage, and notes on the locations of nearby surveillance cameras.
  • Get a Prompt Diagnosis: If you’re injuries don’t seem that serious, you may think it’s unnecessary to visit the doctor. However, this is one step you should never skip. Not only could a potentially serious injury go undiagnosed, but you will also struggle to prove your damages without access to comprehensive medical records. When you visit the doctor, he or she will record information about your injuries. Your lawyer may use these records to connect your injuries to the accident, estimate the value of your damages, and counter disputes over failure to mitigate damages.
  • Stay Away from Social Media: Discussing life’s highs and lows on social media has become second nature to many of us. As such, you might be tempted to post about the motorcycle accident on Facebook or Twitter. Unfortunately, these posts could sink your claim. It’s possible the insurer will comb through your posts for any comments or pictures that could be used as evidence to challenge your case. For example, if you published an account of the accident wherein you downplay the extent of your injuries, opposing parties could use this information to assert that your condition is not as serious as your attorney is claiming.

What Qualities Set HPIL Apart from Other Law Firms in Villa Park?

In the aftermath of a motorcycle collision, it can be challenging to focus on anything else but your recovery. As such, you probably don’t want to spend hours online trying to find the right attorney to assist with your case. However, hiring a lawyer could help lighten the load as he or she can oversee the logistics of your case giving you the time to focus on your well-being and other matters. At HPIL, our goal is to make the claims process as simple and stress-free as possible for our clients and their loved ones. From day one, you will have a direct line to our legal team. We will work around your schedule, which means if you’re unable to come to our offices, we will come to you. Here are a few more reasons why our law firm stands apart from the rest:

  • Skilled Litigators: Most motorcycle accident claims will never see the inside of a courtroom, but that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from hiring a lawyer with litigation experience. If the insurer is aware that you have a skilled litigator in your corner, they may be less likely to dispute aspects of your case as you’ve demonstrated you’re willing to go to court if you don’t receive a fair offer. If opposing parties refuse to come to the table, you can rest assured that your lawyer will be prepared to fight for you in court.
  • Experience Handling Similar Claims: Personal injury law covers a wide range of cases, from slip and falls to dog bites to motorcycle wrecks. To build up the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to help their clients achieve favorable outcomes, many lawyers choose to focus on just one type of claim. For instance, a law firm may only handle animal attack cases. As such, if you want to file a motorcycle accident claim, you should find a law firm that has a track record of success handling similar suits. At HPIL, our attorneys have decades of combined experience negotiating and litigating motorcycle accident claims.
  • Honest Approach: During your initial consultation, we will give you an honest assessment of your case, providing insight into potential weaknesses and the disputes you are likely to face during proceedings. As such, you won’t be blindsided by unexpected complications and can have peace of mind that your attorney has prepared strategies and obtained the necessary evidence to counter such defenses if or when they arise.

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