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Villa Park Slip and Fall Attorneys

Villa Park Slip and Fall Attorneys

Slip and fall accidents claim thousands of lives in the country every year—with many more injured due to these preventable incidents. Victims often suffer catastrophic injuries including spinal cord damage and brain trauma. If you were injured in an accident caused by a negligent party, turn to our Villa Park slip and fall attorneys for assistance. We are available to take your calls—during the week, after hours, and on weekends. Dial 1-800-GO-HARRIS to connect with a member of our legal team.

How Much Is My Slip and Fall Claim Worth?

After suffering a serious injury in a slip and fall, your expenses can add up at an alarming rate. Between the medical bills, repair costs, and your everyday financial obligations, it can suddenly feel like you are being crushed under a mountain of debt. Filing a personal injury claim can help you recoup your losses and get your life back on track. As such, you may be wondering how much your claim is worth. However, due to the unpredictable nature of legal proceedings, it’s impossible to guarantee a specific amount in your case. Our attorneys must first investigate your claim and compile the necessary evidence before we can estimate the value of your losses. Here are a few factors we may consider: 

  • Property Damage: A hard fall doesn’t just have the potential to break bones, it could also damage your personal property. For instance, if you were carrying a laptop in your bag or a phone in your pocket, a sudden impact could turn your devices into deadweight. Fortunately, if your personal property was damaged or destroyed, the cost of repairs may be recoverable as part of your claim.
  • Pain and Suffering: It’s never easy to put a price tag on pain as everyone experiences these sensations differently. However, there is little question that day-to-day suffering will affect your ability to enjoy life. As such, slip and fall victims have a right to seek compensation for these intangible losses. Your attorney may advise you to begin tracking your pain levels in a personal injury journal. Additionally, he or she may consult with expert witnesses such as medical specialists to determine the monetary value of the pain and suffering you’ve endured.
  • Medical Costs: Even a minor injury will cost a small fortune to treat, while serious conditions can often break the bank. With that in mind, it may come as no surprise that your medical expenses will likely make up a major portion of your eventual settlement. These costs can cover a range of services and interventions such as lab tests, surgeries, procedures, consultations, follow-ups, prescription medication, pain management, nursing care, home modifications, and other necessary treatments.
  • Lost Wages: Slip and falls often lead to serious injuries that sideline victims from work for weeks, months, or even for the rest of their lives. Without access to these wages, you may struggle to pay off your medical bills and cover your day-to-day expenses. At HPIL, we can help you build a case for lost income by reviewing your financial documents such as pay stubs and letters from your employers and, if necessary, consulting with vocational experts and economists to determine the value of such losses.

What Should I Bring to My Initial Consultation with a Slip and Fall Attorney?

Legal guidance and advice often come at a great cost, with some law firms putting a significant price tag on the information you need to help steer through this difficult chapter of your life. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, your initial consultation is free, so you don’t have to worry about adding extra digits to your growing list of expenses. During your initial consultation, you’ll have a chance to meet your lawyer, get answers to your questions, and gain insight into potential outcomes for your claim. However, you may be wondering how you can prepare for your consultation to get the most out of this opportunity. Below are a few items you may want to share with your attorney:

  • Medical Records: The nature of your condition—whether it’s minor or catastrophic—will have an influence over the potential value of your claim. After all, if you suffered a permanent disability you will likely require long-term care which will typically cost far more than treating a less serious injury. Your medical records can help prove the severity of your injuries, the treatment you may still require, and whether your condition limits you in any way. Not only will the claims adjuster want to see this documentation, but your medical records will also form the foundation of your attorney’s investigation. For instance, they may consult with medical specialists to review your records to determine how your injuries may affect your ability to engage in physical activity or tackle everyday tasks.
  • Personal Injury Journal: Recovering from a serious injury can be a long, confusing, and painful journey. Looking back, you’ll likely struggle to remember the pain you experienced or the times you struggled to perform certain tasks. However, your ability to recall these details can help you build a convincing case for non-economic damages such as loss of enjoyment of life and pain and suffering. As such, we often advise our clients to track their pain levels, symptoms, and other information important to their recovery in a personal injury journal. Your lawyer may use this diary in conjunction with expert witness deposition and psychiatric reports to demonstrate the psychological impact of your injuries.
  • Evidence from the Accident Scene: After a slip and fall accident, it’s difficult to stay composed. However, if you can, taking this opportunity to gather evidence to start building your personal injury claim could help improve your chances of achieving a successful outcome. Did anyone witness the accident take place? Did you take down their contact details? Were there any surveillance cameras on the property? Did you take pictures at the scene? Did you document your injuries? This information could help your attorney identify crucial pieces of evidence that may go on to play a critical role in proving your case. For instance, your slip and fall attorney may want to interview eyewitnesses to determine whether their deposition could help corroborate your version of events.

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