Agoura Hills Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Agoura Hills Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

The tragedy of a motorcycle accident can ripple through an entire family and community. In less than a second, a healthy and responsible rider can suffer life-changing injuries due to someone else’s negligence. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Agoura Hills have seen this scenario play out far too many times, and we are passionate about helping victims obtain the compensation they deserve. From gathering evidence to approximating a fair settlement amount to litigating your case, we can help you navigate every stage of the legal system. For a free consultation, contact us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Agoura Hills

Our attorneys understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to representing a motorcycle accident victim. We tailor our strategies to the unique circumstances of every case we handle. The cause of your crash will have a major impact on how we approach the investigation. Below are a few of the most common causes of motorcycle wrecks in California:

  • Distracted Driving: Motorcycles can be difficult to notice even when a driver is paying attention. When a motorist looks at a billboard, accident scene, or their cellphone, they greatly increase the likelihood of causing a wreck.
  • Speeding: When people drive at an unsafe speed, they reduce the amount of time they have to take evasive action when they encounter an unexpected hazard. And the faster they travel, the greater the force of impact in the event of a collision.
  • Drunk Driving: Impaired driving is a leading cause of collisions for all vehicle types, but they account for an especially high percentage of motorcycle wrecks. If you were hit by a drunk motorist, you may be able to recover punitive damages in addition to compensatory damages.
  • Auto Part Defects: Was the accident caused by a malfunctioning part on either your bike or the other vehicle involved in the wreck? If so, it may be possible to hold the designer, manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of the part liable for your damages.
  • Poor Road Conditions: Although nobody can control the weather, there are some circumstances when unsafe road conditions can be attributed to the negligence of a government entity. If the road was inadequately designed or maintained, for instance, you might have grounds for a claim against the liable government agency.

Who Might Be Liable for My Damages?

There are many parties who could be liable for a motorcycle crash. California courts recognize the joint and several liability doctrine, so it may be strategically advisable to name multiple parties in your claim. Under this doctrine, if one defendant does not have the insurance or financial means to cover their portion of your economic damages, you could pursue the difference from the other defendants. Depending on the circumstances, you may have grounds for a claim against one or more of these parties:

  • A Negligent Driver: Most of these wrecks are caused by driver negligence. If your crash happened because another motorist breached the duty of care owed to you, the claim would be brought against that individual or, more likely, against their insurance provider.
  • The At-Fault Driver’s Employer: Was the liable party acting within the course and scope of their employment when they caused the crash? Our Agoura Hills motorcycle accident lawyers will try to answer this question when performing the investigation. If so, you may be able to hold their employer vicariously liable for your damages. Vicarious liability often applies to collisions caused by commercial truck drivers.
  • A Negligent Mechanic: If your motorcycle or the other vehicle involved in the accident malfunctioned and this malfunction contributed to the accident, it is possible that a negligent mechanic played a role. You may also have grounds for a claim against a negligent mechanic if the wreck was caused by negligent maintenance—for instance, failing to fill the tires to the correct PSI.
  • An Auto Part Manufacturer: The manufacturer of the motorcycle or an auto part might be liable if a defect contributed to the crash.
  • A Government Entity: If poor road maintenance or design was a proximate cause of the wreck, you may have grounds for a claim against the liable government entity.

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If you or someone you love was harmed in a motorcycle wreck, turn to Harris Personal Injury Lawyers for representation. Our team will get to work right away to compile the evidence needed to build the strongest claim possible. If the opposing party refuses to pay a fair settlement, we will relish the opportunity to proceed to litigation. Our team has represented more than 5,000 accident victims. Some of our most substantial victories were in motorcycle accident cases. To discuss your claim in a free, no-obligation consultation, contact us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS or send us a message on our online Contact Form.